KPI Performance Architecture Public Seminar

As part of The KPI Institute’s upcoming project, in partnership with The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) and The Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI), a public seminar will be delivered by the CEO of The KPI Institute. The seminar is scheduled to take place on the 17th of October at the Cha-da Hotel, in Bangkok, Thailand.



This course is designed as a short, intensive course to help you understand the basics of KPI management. It focuses on clarifying the structure and components of the performance management architecture. It also discusses the most commonly used techniques for selecting KPIs and some of the most popular performance management tools.

Key Business Benefits

  • Build your knowledge foundation in regards to KPI management;
  • Understand the importance of integration in the context of performance management;
  • Review critical aspects and examples of using KPIs;
  • Learn how to design and use dashboards, scorecards and healthograms;
  • Identify next steps for leveraging KPI in your organization/department.

Who Should Attend

This course was designed for professionals from different functional areas seeking to understand the basics of KPI management as well as managers who need to track performance at departmental level and to cascade objectives and KPIs to employee level.

KPI Performance Architecture Agenda

Performance Integration Overview

  • Agenda outline and expectations
  • Performance management and integration
  • Performance management systems architecture
  • Understanding value drivers, objectives, KPIs and initiatives
  • KPI naming standards and use of terminology

Working with KPIs

  • KPI lifecycle
  • KPI selection process
  • Techniques for KPI selection (Value Flow Analysis, KPI balancing)
  • Examples of KPIs in practice

Designing and using performance management tools

  • Understanding Dashboards, Scorecards and Healthograms
  • Practical exercises on designing dashboards and scorecards
  • Best practice industry specific performance management tools

Review and next steps

  • Cascading KPIs at employee level
  • Benefits of using an integrated performance management system in practice
  • Review of the most important 10 slides of the day
  • Roadmap of possible next steps
  • Questions and answers

Contact us

For further information access the FTPI website or, contact us at at [email protected] to register your interest.

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