“KPIs for talent retention: from planning to onboarding” webinar recording is now available

Talent retention starts with an excellent planning, according to the organization’s needs. Each talent management initiative directly influences the retention of future employees.

The webianr provided the information required for managing performance within all talent management-related processes (talent planning, recruitment and selection, as well as onboarding), with the final purpose of having a pool of talent that will accelerate organizational performance.




In the webinar Ms. Gorski highlighted:

  • Benefits of monitoring and improving performance of different talent management processes;
  • Challenges in using performance-related practices in talent management;
  • KPIs used in talent management processes such as: planning, recruitment and selection, as well as onboarding;
  • % Retention rate for talents in your organization: usage and documentation of a practical KPI example.

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The recording of this webinar can be watched online in a streaming video format and is not available for download.

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The KPI Institute June 3rd, 2015 E-learning