Latest report: Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended

Are you using a new and improved collection of the most popular Project Management KPIs?

The KPI Institute announces Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended . Besides synthesizing the most popular KPIs of, this edition offers valuable insights on how to work with  KPIs and create a sound performance measurement system.


What is new in the Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended?

The novelty in Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended is a KPI Documentation Form template with an unprecedented design that invaluably shares guidance on the best use of KPIs in modern business environments.

Key Benefits of Top 25 Project Management KPIs

  • Clarifies the common KPI terminology;
  • Provides valuable insight into the KPI selection process;
  • Offers guidelines for KPI documentation;
  • Additionally, with extended versions of the reports, actual guidance on KPI reporting, as well as, “in practice” advice on generating the most value out of the KPIs analyzed, is provided;
  • Scorecard and dashboard views for every KPI in the extended reports are included.

Who does it adress?

The Top 25 KPIs Reports are intended for Practitioners, Academics, Consultants who are professionally engaged with the Performance Management discipline. Useful to any individual or organization that may find reason into both researching and strengthening their knowledge on performance measurement.

Specifically developed to take the reader one step closer to an efficient KPI monitoring and reporting process, the Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended makes for a valuable addition to any KPI Library used by professionals in the project management area.

About is the result of a wide research program conducted by The KPI Institute dedicated to documenting and cataloging how KPIs are used in practice. It is an online platform for performance measurement, it offers high quality resources and collaboration functionality for the community of registered members, enabling them to make smart decisions regarding their performance management initiatives.

Get your brand new  Top 25 Project Management KPIs – 2016 Extended and start implementing the knowledge now!

The KPI Institute August 3rd, 2017 Research