Meet Iulia, Our April Employee of the Month!

At The KPI Institute, our mission is to pursue performance, in all its facets, and bring this knowledge to others who wish to improve both on an individual level and an organizational one. Outstanding employees that strive to lift their company to new heights, maximize its potential and strengthen its development, so that it becomes the best of the best, all the while harnessing this knowledge to better themselves as professionals – these are the people that inspire us.

Employee of the month-Iulia

Join us in our journey of interviewing some of the most extraordinary individuals that continue to make The KPI Institute a role-model for others to follow. In today’s edition, we will be featuring April’s Employee of the Month, Iulia Mureșan-Man, Business Event Coordinator.

  1. What is your role at The KPI Institute and what makes it special?

I joined The KPI Institute’s Romanian branch almost 3 years ago, promising myself that I will make the best of this experience, so I did. My role in the organization is to ensure the continuity of regular events and at the same time, to successfully introduce new events on TKI Romania’s events agenda.

As event coordinator, I am responsible for the entire organizational process, collaborating closely with the Marketing, Graphic Design, IT and Sales departments in order to deliver events that respond to business trends and needs. What’s so special about my job is the dynamic feel of the field and the fact that I am working with people and for people.

  1. How did it feel to be nominated and selected as Employee of the Month?

In all honesty, it felt awesome. It was a confirmation that I do my best at work, but nevertheless, that my colleagues are aware of my results and appreciate my efforts. This is the kind of non-financial incentive that would inspire and motivate every employee.

  1. What do you find most challenging at The KPI Institute?

What I find most challenging is constantly trying to deliver products and services that meet professional expectations and needs. Our role is to enhance the way organizations work and that’s a pretty ambitious goal.

  1. What would be the three main career lessons that you have learnt thus far?
  • Practice makes perfect – experience will always improve your skills;
  • Connect your goals to the business strategy – you have to understand that the organization’s success is basically your success;
  • Invest trust in people, respect them and they will surprise you – you and your colleagues can create an amazing working environment if your interactions are governed by some very straightforward values, such as trust.
  1. If you could interview one person, either from the past or present, who would it be and why?

Here I want to make 2 nominations. On the one hand, I would find it interesting to have a nice chat with Sun Tzu, the author of Art of War. I think his book has many implications for leadership, management and for today’s business environment, even if it was written about 2500 years ago.

On the other hand, I would love to have the opportunity of listening live to Morgan Freeman, regardless of the subject. I just enjoy hearing his voice, as many of us do.

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