Overview of the annual Client Relation Management Conference in Romania

The third edition of the annual Client Relation Management Conference in Romania took place in Bucharest just last week. Between the 17th and 18th of May 2017, more than 150 professionals from the customer relations and care area in Romania came together to discuss and brainstorm new ideas on how to make this department as performant and customer-oriented as possible.

Conf RO 17-18 MAI 17

This conference started from a need to create a hub for idea building and feedback giving for those working directly with customers in Romania. The widely spread sector needed an event where professionals can come together and discuss good case practices from the field and improve via received knowledge of the latest trends that can help out the performance of customer related departments.

The Client Relation Management Conference in Romania began as a wish to build up a community of professionals from the customer oriented field, to get together every year to debate on the latest practices and share different methods and instruments through which they can achieve excellence within the customer relations area. From this year’s edition, we were expecting to have a more technology based approach to customer service, as well as talk about the role of emotions in crafting a loyal, long-standing relationship with the customer. And that’s exactly what we got and more, thanks to the expertise and openness of our speakers, facilitators, delegates and partners. I think, especially from the feedback that we’ve gotten from the participants, this year’s edition of the conference was truly a success and we’re excited to take it to the next level next year! said Iulia Man-Mureșan, Event Coordinator at The KPI Institute

With the help of our 16 speakers present from different backgrounds and industries, the participants got to engage with new ways of doing customer care and support. Our speakers included professionals like:

    • Simona Botner, Project Manager and Dan Mazilu, Owner and General Manager, both from Mediatel Data
    • Oana Cadar, Automation Solutions Manager for the Cluj-Napoca Business Center at Emerson
    • Dina Guran, Alternative Channels Manager at eMag
    • Raluca Mindirigiu, Customer Experience Manager, and Horia Ștefănescu, CS Technical Support Center Manager, both from Orange
    • Cristian Mondiru, Manager, ACS Global Order Desk at Oracle
    • Loredana Negoiță, Head of Customer Experience at City Grill
    • Alexandru Mira, Sales Performance Consultant, and Orlando Stoicescu, Sales Performance Consultant, both from The KPI Institute
  • Radu Silaghi, Training and Development Specialist and Onboarding Trainer at ROBERT BOSCH

The content of the conference went beyond the general advice one would find in the field regarding how to treat customers. Usually, one would hear ideas such as “Be more human!” or “Speed is the most important metric on how to treat your customers!”, but on this occasion, the delegates went very deep on specific subjects and methods that would give them a unique and relevant point of view for handling their clientele. For example, Radu Silaghi, one of our facilitators and presenters for the event, brought up specific approaches that can be taken from the field of neuromarketing and applied to delighting the customer. He explained how mirror -neurons function in humans and how they can help customer care representatives connect with their customers in a more authentic and empathic manner. On the other side, our other facilitator and presenter, Maria Desmons-Macrea, discussed how KPIs and working with KPI related instruments can increase the performance of a customer support or care department.

We would also like to thank our partners, that showed their full support for the conference and for the idea of making the customer support and care area reliable:

And many thanks to the media partners for helping to spread the word about this event:

At the end of a successful event, we would like to thank everyone who was involved in creating a one of a kind atmosphere of sharing and knowledge around customer relations. We truly believe that this conference drives performance for those working in such an important field in the market today, the customer relations area.

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