“Performance Management in Romania” Conference – The third edition

3 days. 14 Romanian and foreign speakers. 3 workshops. 50 participants. These are the numbers that circumscribe the third edition of the conference Performance Management in Romania, organized by Acumen Integrat, in partnership with Integerperform and The KPI Institute.


Masterclass offered by Dr. 3M

The main speaker of the third edition was Dr. Mohamed Moustafa Mahmoud, also known as Dr. 3M, the Executive Director of the Madinah Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE). In the last years, he developed and implemented over 60 Balanced Scorecard projects in both public and private sector. Some of these projects were presented at the Conference, along with other examples of international Performance Management good practice.

At the end of his speech, Dr. 3M declared: “I was very pleased to come to Sibiu at the initiative of smartKPIS.com to share my experience in implementing Balanced Scorecard. The diversity of the participants, who come from different business sectors brings value to the conference. The speakers are well chosen and the participants are really active. This kind of conferences improve the state of Performance Management theory and practice”.

Strategic, operational and individual perspectives

The speakers covered the main specific areas of the field, offering examples of good practices at strategic, operational and individual level.

Within the strategic module Adrian Cioroianu (Intel Corporation), Lucia Morariu (Eximtur), Ioan Firiza (Compa), Nicoleta Pulbere and Marcus Frantz (OMV – Petrom Group), emphasized the importance of strategic planning, periodic assessments and clients’ satisfaction. “Performance Management is one aspect which really has to be taken very seriously within an organization, as it is reflected by individual, business and organizational performance. Having the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in place ensures the right mechanisms to steer the organizations and the individuals. This is what creates the competitive advantage”, said Marcus Frantz, CIO of OMV in the end of his speech.

Within the operational module, Radu Brașoveanu (Petrom), Anca Banc (Medlife), Iulian Popescu (Decagon) and Cătălin Olteanu (FM Logistic) presented different Performance Management methods and tools used in their companies.

The topics approached within the individual module were employees’ performance, employees’ motivation, education and evaluation, as well as internal communication. The speakers were Daniela Ababei (Siniat), Ionela Sulugiuc (eMag), Oana Piper (Supremia) and Andreea Pârvu (Endava).

Learning efficiently through workshops

On the last day, the organizers also offered three workshops: “Developing a Performance Management system based on Balanced Scorecard” (Radu Coceanu), “Key Performance Indicators: measurement, learning, optimization” (Adrian Brudan) and “Performance criteria, employees’ evaluation and individual performance improvement” (Adelaida Pătrașc-Lungu). The participants were also offered the business simulation “Friday Night at the ER”, which tested their teamwork abilities, strategic thinking and innovation skills.

The participants manifested high interest during the presentations and, as some of them declared, they were satisfied with the contents. Ferenc Gabor (Process Solutions) said: “After this first day I can say I’m happy with the contents and the presentations’ relevation. Performance Management is a strategic priority and these conferences are very useful”. “The conference helped us create an opinion, align ourselvs to the latest trends in Performance Management and it gave us a new perspective”, said Sorin Stoiana (Optaros).

„In these three days, through the topics, the speakers and the participants we managed to bring up different needs from medium and big companies, as well as possible solutions for these issues. We have to thank everyone who contributed to this edition’s success, declared Teodora Chețan, the project manager (Acumen Integrat).

The KPI Institute October 26th, 2013 Events