What Strengthens and Weakens a Performance Management System [Excerpt]

Editor’s Note: Below is an excerpt of Performance Magazine’s (PM) interview with Fadi Al-Jafari, a Senior Management Consultant, Leader of Data Analysis and Visualization Center, and Project Manager at The KPI Institute. 

For Fadi Al-Jafari, one of TKI’s performance management experts, having a clear vision for your organization and being aware of its external environment to prevent threats and capture opportunities is the core of strategic thinking. He expounded on this and more in an interview with Performance Magazine.

PM: What will be the major challenges in managing performance in the future, and how should organizations prepare for them?

Fadi: The major challenges would be how to measure the individual’s performance right and without any biases, use the data to predict future the individual’s performance, and benefit from the data they have to improve the individual’s performance. One solution is to use digital PMS that collects data regularly and measures individual performance based on the tasks they work on and then use data analytics tools to draw conclusions and predictions based on the analysis.

PM: While navigating through these challenging times, what would you consider a best practice in Performance Management?

Fadi: To start with an organizational architecture framework of the PMS, ensure that cascading and alignments are conducted properly. This also enables organizations to develop a governance framework, processes, and procedures to efficiently run the system and avoid internal silos.

PM: What key competencies would make a Strategy and Performance Manager succeed nowadays?

Fadi: An important one is strategic thinking — to be able to analyze different situations that the organization may face and to have a proactive personality that would allow them to capture changes in the market before they arise. It is crucial to identify the opportunities, capture them before the competitors do, and determine any threats to prepare the organization to deal with them.

To read the complete interview with Fadi, stay tuned for the release of Performance Magazine – Print Edition July 2022. Get updates from the LinkedIn page of The KPI Institute.

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