Report Launch: Key Performance Indicators for Gas Utilities 2017

The KPI Institute has worked extensively in helping Utilities professionals from all around the world to measure and improve their performance. The second publication from The Utilities Performance Benchmarking Series 2017 is  Key Performance Indicators for Gas Utilities and a preview of this is available here.

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Our publication focuses in providing in-depth comprehension on performance levels and the utilization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in Gas Utilities. The report includes 166 Gas KPIs from 23 companies located in 17 countries from Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa. 1 Data Catalogue displaying performance results in Microsoft Excel, complementary offered to the report.

The research study focused on 5 key areas of the performance management and measurement processes:

  • Customers – aims to showcase performance related to the interaction between the organizations and their clients, the cluster includes metrics related to Market Distribution and Account Management.
  • Operations – includes metrics which reflect on production and distribution processes, focusing on the reliability or quality of the infrastructure used. This cluster is further divided in Gas Production, Power Sources, Transmission Network and Infrastructure Reliability.
  • Environmental Impact – pinpoints the environmental mark of the organization, measuring Green Gas Emissions, Spills Management and Waste Management.
  • Corporate Governance – reflects on management effectiveness, audit and decision making. There are no sub-clusters in this case.
  • Human Capital – contains metrics related to the following topics: Workforce Profile, Employee Satisfaction, Employee Turnover, Professional Development, Innovation and Health and Safety.

The Human Capital is the most comprehensive one, containing 86 KPIs out of the 166 indicators included.

In the last years, there have been more emphasis over the environmental footprint, with the publication of clear, transparent data about how the oil companies socially behave and interact.
Furthermore, an emphasis over the training and personal development of the employees has gained relevance, given the risks associated with the activity.

Our Benchmarking studies aim at helping organizations to better position themselves on the market and assess their performance level in comparison to their competitors. Moreover, they promote a recalibration of improvement initiatives and strategic approaches in order to enable development within the organization.

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The KPI Institute has worked extensively in helping Utilities professionals from around the world to measure and improve their performance. This expertise is comprised in all the Utilities related resources gathered in an exhaustive performance lab. The Utilities Performance Lab aims at measuring and raising the efficiency of key operations, customers relations, health and safety of employees as well as reduce, the environment footprint for companies operating in the water, gas or electricity sector.

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