solutions by stc Receives Integrated Performance Excellence Award

  • solutions by stc received the award after scoring high on The KPI Institute’s Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework v2.0. 
  • The evaluation indicates a high level of management maturity at solutions by stc.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, (24 July 2022):  The KPI Institute has awarded solutions by stc, Saudi Arabia’s leading digital enabler, an excellence award in integrated performance after scoring high on The KPI Institute’s Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework, which the The evaluation indicates a high level of management maturity at solutions by stc. 

solutions by stc received the award which consider as an international classification in Integrated Performance Excellence, from The KPI institute while the institute visited the company’s HQ in Riyadh. 

This Award came after The KPI Institute evaluated solutions by stc in five different categories: strategic planning, corporate performance measurement, corporate performance management, performance culture, and employee performance management). 

solutions by stc has been classified as an integrated organization committed to applying international standards for comprehensive performance management. It is considered one of the highest rankings in the world for enterprises and companies in the ICT sector. 

This reflects the integration of solutions’ performance management system with its LEAP strategy, which is primarily focused on customer service and maintaining its leading position in the market to ensure sustainable growth.  

Through its Global Performance Audit Unit, The KPI Institute, a global research organization specializing in strategy and business performance, worked with solutions by stc in order to assess the company’s performance management maturity level. The KPI Institute was tapped to conduct an Integrated Performance Maturity Model assessment focusing on identifying good practices and opportunities for improvement in strategic planning and performance management. The evaluation resulted in Level 4 score out of 5, indicating a high level of management maturity at solutions by stc. 

According to The KPI Institute, the scores suggest consistency within the strategy and performance management practices across different organizational levels. In its final assessment report, The KPI Institute also commended solutions by stc for its well-managed and structured performance management processes, a mission and vision that is aligned with its LEAP strategic themes (Lead, Expand, Advance, Promote), and the automation of its projects’ processes, templates, and tools. 

“What solutions by stc has achieved is something other organizations can emulate. The Integrated Performance Maturity Model assessment is designed to validate and recognize outstanding organizational systems and to serve as a company’s compass for sustainable progress and successful strategy implementation,” said Cosmin Chindris, Director of Global Partnerships at The KPI Institute. 

solutions by stc reached level (4) of the Integrated Performance Maturity Model assessment. While the average maturity level in the GCC region is (3 out of 5). Moreover, the average maturity of the IT sector is (3.2). This remarkable achievement was the result of the hard work of solutions by stc in providing system integration solutions, connectivity services, and business outsourcing and cloud services to the country’s leading companies for more than two decades.  


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solutions by stc is the Kingdom’s leading enabler of digital transformation and the number one IT service provider, enabling the public and private sectors to transform, reach and scale into a new digital age.     

solutions by stc provides clients integrated technology solutions through a broad portfolio that enhances their day-to-day operations. Its core ICT services are designed to enable, manage and scale businesses.    

Solutions launched its operations over decades ago and to date has serviced almost 24,000 clients across 35 cities in Saudi Arabia and in key sectors, including financial services, healthcare and education. solutions by stc has approximately 1,500 employees with over 1,000 certified on key technologies and business domains.   

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