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Achieve organizational success with the Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional course

May 1st, 2024 Posted by Certification 0 thoughts on “Achieve organizational success with the Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional course”

In a world where 80% of strategic initiatives fail, improving the key capabilities to deploy strategy is vital. This transformative learning experience equips you with the tools to revolutionize your approach and become a catalyst for organizational success. It is time to unleash the power of agile strategy execution by learning how to navigate uncertainty, align teams, and drive exceptional results. 

Course overview

The Certified Agile Strategy Execution course is developed on a proprietary framework created by The KPI Institute for strategy implementation. The framework not only presents best practices but also provides solid advice, process maps, and instruments to ensure a successful strategy execution. Participants will acquire strategic design and implementation skills to enhance organizational performance and align departmental strategies while gaining global certification, networking, and business opportunities. They will discover cutting-edge strategies, frameworks, and methodologies to drive organizational success, optimize financial and operational performance, and foster a culture of satisfaction among customers and employees. The course’s learning objectives are as follows:                                                                                                                                        

  • Connect strategy planning to execution
  • Deploy key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor strategy implementation
  • Engage the right stakeholders in strategy execution
  • Monitor strategy implementation
  • Drive organizational change

Benefits and importance

By becoming a member of the international Certified Agile Strategy Execution Community, you gain access to a wealth of benefits, including: 

  • A step-by-step model to improve the strategy execution framework
  • Pre-populated tools to facilitate the implementation of strategic initiatives
  • An innovative learning experience based on a three-stage educational process
  • An expanded business network through membership within the international Certified Agile Strategy Professional Community
  • International recognition for your skills as a Certified Agile Strategy Professional

Course structure and methodology

The course encompasses a three-stage educational process with an expected duration of 40 hours:

  1. Pre-course stage: Before the training program, participants will assess their current skills, interact with fellow learners through an online forum, and establish a foundation for collaborative learning.
  2. Core-course stage: During this stage, participants can choose between attending live online sessions or in-person interactions. They will engage in experiential learning, interactive activities, complete their Individual Learning Maps, and conclude with a certification exam.
  3. After-course stage: Following the training, participants will participate in thought-provoking forum discussions and explore supplementary readings. They will have the opportunity to create a customized action plan tailored to their organization’s specific needs.                                                                                                                                                                               

The Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional course also provides participants with a toolkit with publications, manuals, and templates that will develop their practical expertise in dynamic strategy implementation. The toolkit features a Strategy Map, Performance Scorecard, Performance Dashboard, Initiatives Portfolio, Performance Management System Architecture, and Monthly Performance Management Process.

Course syllabus

The core course comprises eight learning modules:

  • Day 1: Strategy Management Overview, Strategy Execution Prerequisite, Strategy Execution
  • Day 2: Initiatives Management
  • Day 3: Performance Measurement, Performance Monitoring
  • Day 4: Adapting to Changes
  • Day 5: Key Capabilities to Support Strategy Execution

Flexible learning options

The course is regularly available in multiple languages, ensuring flexibility to suit diverse schedules and language preferences.

Certification and recognition

Upon completion, attendees will receive the following certificates (soft copy):

  • Certificate of Attendance: for course session participation
  • Certificate of Completion: after fulfilling pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam
  • Certified Professional Diploma: upon completing all three stages of the learning experience, as well as the full payment being received by the contractor
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance: provided once you achieve the Certified Professional Status

Unlock your organization’s full potential. Join us in embracing the future of strategic management. Become a Certified Agile Strategy Execution Professional and enroll today!

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