The KPI Institute and KPISOFT partner to improve performance globally

January 12th 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, The KPI Institute and KPISOFT are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to streamline best practices in managing employee and organizational performance.


2015 was a turning point for employee performance management, as the dissatisfaction with the way performance appraisals work determined a critical mass of iconic global organizations to dramatically change their approach in this field. Both managers and employees need new ways of managing performance. In acknowledging the current challenges of many organizations in getting employee performance management right, The KPI Institute and KPISOFT share similar beliefs of what can be done about these challenges.

Through its advanced research programs and advisory projects, The KPI Institute is at the forefront of identifying trends and better practices in employee performance management, subsequently disseminated to practitioners in the form of publications, courses, events and analyst consultations. Through its network of online platforms, regional offices and collaborators, the sale of operations spans across all continents, ensuring an integrated approach.

KPISOFT is a simple, easy to use, analytics tool backed by 11 years of research that can assimilate performance management data from multiple source systems in one comprehensive platform and align organizational objectives to individual performance goals seamlessly. In addition, KPISOFT solutions are not only mobile-ready for a next generation user experience, but also offer a revolutionary cloud app.

The KPI Institute is excited to work together with KPISOFT and bring a series of new programs in 2016, starting with the HR Performance Forum 2016, scheduled for 16th-17th March, in Jakarta, and extending with three other regional forums in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong on topics such as: Strategy Planning, Balanced Scorecard, Performance Improvement, KPIs, Big Data, Decision Sciences and Analytics. Each event will have an associated research study conducted to explore key trends in the area. The inaugural study is “State of Employee Performance in 2016”. Additional executive briefings covering trends and current developments in employee performance management will be scheduled through the year across SE Asia.

Our partner KPISOFT is pleased to provide all The KPI Institute’s community members a 3 months’ subscription to the KPISOFT performance management software(valued at $1,800 USD). Schedule a demo now by following this link


KPISOFT is a revolutionary cloud app that aligns and powers your Organization performance. For the first time, organizations can now have one single platform which connects organization strategy to employee performance management and business reporting dashboards. KPISOFT is mobile ready with intuitive & extremely easy to use features for big enterprises to small & medium businesses.

KPISOFT, was recently recognized as a leading global performance management company by the CIO Review. Read the cover story.

For more information visit KPISOFT website.

About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a research institute specialized in business performance. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance, and from customer service to innovation performance. Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications, subscriptions services, and through a knowledge platform available to registered members. Support in deploying these insights in practice is offered through training and advisory services.


Cosmin Chindris

Business Development Manager

E: [email protected]

The KPI Institute January 12th, 2016 Press release