CERTX: Homecoming for performance professionals

In an effort to build the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one of the world’s leading examples of performance proficiency through its Vision 2030 development plan, the country’s leadership has decided in 2017 to hold The Conference and Exhibition for Professional Certification event – CERTX for short. CERTX represents a dedicated marketplace of ideas for professional certification. International experts, consultants, trainers, coaches, company leaders and governmental heads, among many others, will grace this event with their vision regarding workplace performance improvement.

The event represents a prestigious chance for parties around the world to prove that their best practice examples for managing efficacy, nurturing efficiency and growing performance are what the KSA could use for its Vision 2030.

CERTX Conference

With this in mind, the event’s objectives are clearly delineated around what the country’s development plan requires:

  • Bridging the gap between educational outputs and job market needs & requirements
  • Introducing international best practices for local governments and private organizations to improve competitiveness
  • Building partnerships and raising an organization’s efficiency and standards of performance
  • Providing local and regional institutions with valuable opportunities to communicate with their pioneering counterparts and exchange knowledge
  • Discussing challenges faced by professionals and sharing professional certification business models, to help impact career paths, as well as leave a healthy impact on educational and training curriculums

“We want to work on the method of preparing the Saudi worker or employee to enter the labour market (…) The output of the educational system and linking it to the market needs and the future vision – especially for the next year – will also be very crucial for preparing Saudis to enter the labour market or for any procedures in this regard.” – HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz – Crown Prince, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

From an interview with Al Arabiya

Scheduled as a 2-day conference, during the first CERTX event, participants are able to take part in 8 interactive workshops, exhibitions, and 6 masterclass sessions, one of which – KPI Essentials, will be delivered by The KPI Institute, through Dr. Maitham Aloraibi.

Dr. Maitham Aloraibi is a Senior Management Consultant for TKI, with a proven track record of over 21 years of experience, out of which 15 were in the petrochemical industry and 6 in the public sector, specifically governmental-administrative agencies. The KPI Essentials Masterclass that he will be delivering supports organizations by enabling them to develop key competencies in performance management, by improving practices such as KPI selection, KPI documentation, KPI data gathering and reporting. Given CERTX’s focus on wholesale overhaul and improvement, such a masterclass would prove beneficial to any organizational entity that wants to attain consistent results by cascading objectives and KPIs to all of its levels.

Other masterclass and workshop presentations feature CIPD’s The Changing World of the HR professional in the GCC, CompTIA’s CyberSecure exhibition, PricewaterhouseCoopers’s (PWC) Value-added tax presentation, Oakwood International’s Leadership in HR, as well as The London Institute of Banking & Finance’s Future proofing your banking workforce exposition, among many other world-wide renown providers of management knowledge.

The KSA’s Vision 2030 development plan is highly likely one of this world’s most daring growth strategies for a country, therefore it comes as no surprise that so many high-profile players wish to have their name featured as a building block for its success. By organizing this cutting-edge conference, where companies share the latest developments in the field of managing performance, Saudi Arabia ensures its Vision 2030 will most assuredly end up being this century’s country development landmark.

The KPI Institute February 2nd, 2017 Events, Press release