The KPI Institute – bringing prime educational programs for improved performance in 2015

The KPI Institute’s team is more than enthusiastic to announce the launching of nine new certification courses. In 2015, eleven professional certification programs will be made available as a result of the market’s needs and expectations.

Over the last ten years, we have grown together as a team of professionals and have worked and evolved to becoming the global authority on Key Performance Indicators. This designation is only the beginning of our journey, since it impels that even more resources are directed towards achieving higher goals and taking performance management to a new level.


In 2015 we expand our offer of products, services and tailored training courses, in order to help professionals worldwide gain valuable knowledge and the ability to translate it into best practices.

Besides the KPI Professional and Practitioner certification courses, we now offer extended knowledge in the field of performance management,  which aims to provide first class in depth business insights, from techniques, tools, key concepts and methodologies to decision making, strategic planning and performance boost.

Certification courses available in 2015:

Badge-01Certified KPI Professional: This training course will enable participants to start a KPI implementation project, by addressing all challenging aspects, such as KPI selection and data gathering and building a sound framework to measure KPIs, starting from the moment they are selected, until results are collected to be centralized in performance reports.

Badge-11Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner: This is a unique global certification program, which focuses on the theoretical and practical part of establishing, monitoring and documenting Key Performance Indicators. This body of knowledge embeds 10 year of research in the field of key performance indicators and relies on best practices applicable in the real business environment.

Badge-08Certified Benchmarking Professional: Benchmarking methodological uniqueness is represented by the identification of those processes that lead to a superior performance and it offers the opportunity to compare an organization’s performance against industry competitors.

Badge-05Certified Employee Performance Management Professional: Offers exposure to best practices and key concepts in the field of performance management and helps establishing and using criteria for performance evaluations.

Badge-02Certified Customer Service Performance Professional: Its uniqueness comes from the introduction of the performance measurement dimension and the access to the necessary tools for implementing Customer Service Excellence standards.

Badge-06Certified Data Analysis Professional: Managers/ analysts will be trained to effectively collect, analyze and interpret data, to draw insights from both quantitative and qualitative data, based on historical statistics and trend analysis that will improve the process of decision making.

Badge-07Certified Data Visualization Professional: An exclusive framework that provides insights on how to effectively communicate visually and increase reporting performance and effectiveness that lead eventually to smarter and quicker strategic decisions.

Badge-04Certified Performance Improvement Professional: From data analysis and reporting, decision making and initiative management, to building a performance culture, this program offers new methods of ensuring a proper performance improvement.

Badge-10Certified Personal Performance Professional: The three-day interactive program offers insights about the benefits and process of measuring and boosting personal performance outside working hours, from physical activity to healthcare and family life, from leisure to career planning and knowledge improvements.

Badge-03Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional: In order to take smarter and quicker strategic decisions, the certification course will help improve organizational strategic planning by using strategic tools and learning to develop a strategic plan.

Badge-09Certified Supplier Performance Professional: Improving the management of actual performance by enabling the identification of performance gaps and implementing action agreements with suppliers will improve participants’ skills in managing supplier performance and will help them develop a strategic approach to procurement performance.

To read more about our training courses and select the solution that best addresses your personal and professional objectives we recommend you visit our online Store.

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