Benchmarking Hospital Performance in The GCC Region Integrated Hospital Performance Comparison

The KPI Institute launches the results of the first edition of The GCC Hospitals Benchmarking Study consisting in the comparative analysis of 75 Key Performance Indicators applied in 8 hospitals within the GCC region. The study is intended to provide the GCC community a wide overview and data access to the most important key performance indicators for hospitals.


For the best practices in the Healthcare industry, you can access the full report here.

Hospitals across the region are competing in a number of areas, including quality and price, and use benchmarking as a way to determine the area’s most in need of improvement. The continuous process of benchmarking allows hospital executives to see how their organizations stack up against competitors as well as national leaders.

The review of The GCC Healthcare Performance: 2016 Benchmarking Report will provide policy makers, hospital managers and clinicians with a range of options for the selection of key performance indicators for hospital benchmarking and offers them the opportunity to gain more insights upon the current healthcare performance standards and what matters the most in this industry.

The report brings professionals a complete structure encompassing three equally important dimensions:

  • The Patient Focus – This dimension focuses on patient experience, assessing the interaction between hospitals and patients in terms of medical service quality, timeliness of medical care or patients experience and safety. At the same time, developing a patient centered approach to hospitals management is key for sustainable growth.
  • Hospital Resources Administration – This approach provides insight into the core operations and hospital related activities as defined by an efficient and effective resource allocation process. The operational focus is centered around the following areas: finance, technology, staff engagement, compliance and governance.
  • Hospital Profile – This dimension relates to the operational profile of the hospitals involved in the benchmarking projects. The aspects concerned with this dimension are: hospital demographics, hospital profile and social responsibility.

Key Findings

After evaluating the healthcare industry key findings from all three focuses, through the lenses of 75 metrics, several strengths and improvement areas were identified for the GCC hospitals. This report analyzed the outcomes of healthcare providers, the relationship with their patients as well as the use of resources involved in providing medical care and setting the activity profile for each hospital.

The results of the 1st edition of the GCC Hospital Benchmarking Study will be presented within the Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference scheduled, in Dubai May 29th– June 1st 2016 under Healthcare Performance Forum. The Forum will showcase the latest global developments in healthcare performance and will include workshops and keynote presentations from The KPI Institute Australia, Executive Board, Health Ministers Council for Cooperation Council, Dubai Health Authority, Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners, Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, King Saud University Medical City, Saudi German Hospital Group, VPS Healthcare, KIMS Group in GCC. For more information visit the official website here.

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