The KPI Institute’s new Training Catalogue is now available online!

The KPI Institute has launched the Training Catalogue 2014! In a new design, the most comprehensive resource that provides details on all the available educational programs, along with trainers, clients and testimonials is now available online!

Discover the educational opportunities that best fit your needs, both as open and in-house training courses by accessing our Training Catalogue!


The 2014 Training Catalogue presents The KPI Institute’s Certified and Specialized Courses divided into several categories:

  • Certification Preparation;
  • KPI Framework;
  • KPI by Functional Area;
  • KPI by Industry;
  • Balanced Scorecard;
  • Performance Management;
  • Procurement Performance;
  • Performance Through People;
  • Business Simulations.

The courses offered by The KPI Institute can also be accessed as in-house training solutions. Any of the topics and subjects covered in this catalogue can be adapted to suit your business needs.

The brochure presents the entire training offer, in order to help professionals in finding the best solutions for their business:

  • Certified KPI Professional;
  • Certified KPI Practitioner;
  • KPI Performance Architecture;
  • KPI Masterclass;
  • KPI Essentials;
  • KPI Dashboard & Scorecard for Departments;
  • KPI Dashboard & Scorecard for Industries;
  • Implementing & using a Balanced Scorecard based Performance Management System;
  • Balanced Scorecard Simulation;
  • Managing and Improving Individual Performance;
  • Integrated Performance Management;
  • Supplier Performance Management;
  • KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Purchasing/ Logistics;
  • Implementing Employee Engagement Programs;
  • Solutions for Managing Change in Organizations;
  • Implementing Succession Management Programs;
  • Integrating Talent Management Processes;
  • Business Simulation: Friday Night at the ER;
  • Business Simulation: FishBanks.

Access our Training Catalogue now and discover the best opportunities for you and your business!

The KPI Institute August 7th, 2014 Broad Topics