The KPI Institute’s participation at Human Capital Summit Africa 2016

The KPI Institute was delighted to share knowledge from a global perspective about employee performance, due to its participation at the Human Capital Summit, held in Lagos, Nigeria, between the 21- 23 th April 2016.


Human Capital Summit, Africa 2016 provided a unique forum to discuss how the world of work is changing its impact and how business owners and key decision makers in both private and public sectors can stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing world.

Attracting and retaining talent, building leaders and becoming more competitive are today’s challenges of employee performance management and they can easily be tackled if we allow ourselves to adapt and gain new perspectives.

Mr. Ayo Muritala, partner of The KPI Institute in Nigeria delivered a keynote presentation of our newest global study State of Employee Performance Management in 2016.

Presentation Key Insights

  • Relevance of employee performance management;
  • Employee performance management configuration
  • Focus on timing in evaluating performance
  • Performance as part of organizational culture
  • Practices in Pay-for performance

The study has more than 1000 participants from 24 countries worldwide including Nigeria and other African countries. Therefore, the participants grasped the newest trends worldwide in employee performance.

State of Employee Performance Management Global Edition in 2016 is useful to any executive manager, HR professional, as well as entrepreneurs and analysts interested in employee performance management and is now available in electronic format on Order until the 10th of May and get a FREE copy of the report.

About The KPI Institute

The KPI Institute is a leading global research institute specialized in business performance. It operates research programs in 12 practice domains, ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance, and from customer service to innovation performance. Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications, subscriptions services, and through a knowledge platform available to registered members. Support in deploying these insights in practice is offered through training and advisory services. The KPI Institute is considered today the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education. It developed the first KPI Management Framework and operates, the result of the research program dedicated to documenting and cataloging how KPIs are used in practice, an online portal containing the largest collection of documented KPI examples.

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