The KPI Institute’s partnership with Palermo University at the Performance Management Spring School

The KPI Institute proudly announces its  partnership with Palermo University at the Performance Management Spring School , held in Palermo, Italy, between the 23th – 27th May 2016.


Governmental planning is as difficult as ever, with public administration facing specific social issues that feature high risk and uncertainty, characterized by dynamic complexity and the need to obtain financial stability.

The KPI Institute and University of Palermo joint together for this exclusive Driving Sustainable Growth Through “Outcome-Based” Dynamic Performance Management in the Public Sector spring school to fulfill a common goal in supporting professionals to understand how to get encouraging performance outcomes.

The 5 day intense learning experience empowers you to:

  • frame tangible and intangible factors affecting performance
  • identify cause and effects delays, and their consequences on organizational performance
  • design and implement sustainable policies that help drive performance
  • perceive trade-offs in decision making, budget allocation and performance evaluation
  • gain a systemic view on the relationships between different departments
  • measure performance targets and identify related behavioral implications on groups and individuals
  • re-align department managers and front-line employees to organizational strategic objectives

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Follow the registration procedure and enjoy this unique Spring School, set in beautiful Palermo, that will enable you to support the shift towards an outcome-based, dynamic performance management.

By joining this event you will receive full access to all training sessions, course materials, free attendance to the International Conference & Symposium on: “The Paradigm Shift from Output to Outcome Measures in the Public Sector”  and a standard subscription offered by The KPI Institute with detailed documentation level access, 300 documented KPIs  in 13 fields and access to the Top 10 and Top 20 KPIs Report series.

To get more information on the program you may contact: Carmine Bianchi, Professor of Business & Public Management, University of Palermo, at

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