TKI People Awards: Congratulations to Our Employee of the Year

Fadi Al-Jafari, a Senior Management Consultant at The KPI Institute (TKI), is the recipient of the Employee of the Year award for 2021, having demonstrated consistency, commitment, and competence throughout the year.

The TKI People Awards series features the employees and teams recognized by The KPI Institute for going above and beyond expectations, excelling as team players, and creating a tremendous impact on the company.

As part of the Consulting Division, Fadi facilitates workshops and training courses on strategy and performance management. He provides consultancy and develops materials for clients from different industries, helping them design and implement Performance Management Systems and other advisory services.

Fadi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Engineering from Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan and a Masters Degree in Business Administration from German Jordanian University in Jordan.

As a colleague, Fadi is known for being hardworking and undaunted, having delivered numerous training programs in 2021.

“He is always very supportive and willing to learn from others,” said Iulia Tutulan of the Employee Engagement Team. “He was involved in multiple projects and besides delivering so many sessions, he was open to teach me and support me with my preparation as a facilitator. Also, he has overachieved his target and showed exemplary performance in all his fields of activity by being active in promoting our services on all platforms and ways,” she added.

Now, it is time for you to meet the man of the hour.

What does receiving the Employee of the Year award mean to you?

Fadi: It means that the organization is recognizing their employees and committed towards building a performance culture that focuses on employee engagement. For me, personally, it was a great gesture from the team after a tough year and too many deliveries.

What’s your favorite accomplishment so far at TKI?

Fadi: I achieved 200% of my sales target.

When you’re faced with a challenge at work, how do you find a solution?

Fadi: Honestly, I pray for patience and consult my colleagues and management for support. I follow that with thorough research on the internet to find the most suitable solution for my challenge.

What would be the three main career lessons that you have learnt thus far?

Fadi: 1. Keep learning as knowledge is power.
2. Patience is key to success.
3. Be kind to everyone you deal with as you don’t know the battles they are fighting.

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