Celebrating a PERFORMANCE community of 20,000 members

We are thrilled to announce that our LinkedIn performance community has grown to a number of 20,000 members.

PERFORMANCE: Measurement, Management, KPI, Balanced Scorecard, Business Intelligence, Analytics has reached a new milestone and we are certainly not stopping here!


We realize how significant milestones like this are, but what really excites us is that every day, we have the chance to share our business solutions with people that choose to join the performance community and attempt to continuously expand their knowledge.

We welcomed many members since our last milestone in March, managing to build a strong group that had continuously evolved globally over the past years and engaged into The KPI Institute events around the world.

Some of the most popular topics within our PERFORMANCE community are:

  • Performance related events (courses and conferences);
  • Designing and implementing Performance Management frameworks;
  • Best practices in Performance Management and measurement;
  • Performance Management tools of the trade and how to employ them successfully;
  • General issues related to organizational, operational and individual performance management;
  • Recommendations of relevant resources.

The KPI Institute community continues to represent a common ground for professionals coming from various functional areas and industries, one that allows them to interact and create an excellent learning hub for performance know-how, field insights and business opportunities.

We support our members into building a solid foundation and accessing the industry best practices especially because concepts like Performance Management, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Balances Scorecard, Business Intelligence and Data Visualization are key enablers when it comes to organizational success.

The generated discussions bring relevant insights to practitioners of all seniority levels and functions involved in various industries like:

  • Management Consulting;
  • Financial Services;
  • Human Resources;
  • Information Technology and Services;
  • Operations Management.

The KPI Institute continues to strive for community growth, a process that would allow you to experience the business reality even further and connect with countless professionals worldwide.

See you at the next milestone! We would be glad to have you on our side, join the performance LinkedIn community now!

The KPI Institute June 8th, 2016 Broad Topics