Certified Balanced Scorecard Live Online – 6 – 10 July

This training course provides you with relevant knowledge on how to develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard System. It offers a comprehensive overview of the many benefits any organization can extract from employing a Balanced Scorecard System.scorecard

The 40-hour, highly interactive learning experience, delivered by Mihai Toma, will enable you to grasp the functionality of the Balanced Scorecard, and leverage on its benefits to advance strategy execution.

Our BSC certification focuses on providing you with all the information needed to fully comprehend the value of the Balanced Scorecard, as well as on developing the necessary skills for a successful implementation.

What will you learn

  • Comprehend fundamentals of a Performance Management System;
  • Transpose the organizational strategy into a Balanced Scorecard Management System;
  • Learn how to integrate the components of a Balanced Scorecard Architecture;
  • Differentiate between objectives, KPIs, and initiatives.

What’s in it for you – Benefits

  • Get access to a deeper understanding of the added value and functionality of the Balanced Scorecard Management System;
  • Develop and implement a Balanced Scorecard Management Architecture in a standardized manner;
  • Overcome challenges in strategy execution by implementing the Balanced Scorecard Management System;
  • Improve strategy communication by using the Balanced Scorecard Management System.

Presenter profile

Mihai Toma is the Head of Professional Practice MENA and Senior Consultant at The KPI Institute. His research activity in the Performance Management field has resulted in the documentation and revision of over 1000 Key Performance Indicators.

Some of Mihai’s most significant research programs have resulted in the development of several publications such as The KPI Compendium, Top 25 KPIs Report Series for Functional Areas, Top 25 KPIs Report Series for Industries.

Mihai has been actively involved in the implementation and design of KPI operational dashboards and functional performance scorecards, assisting in the development of the performance management system architecture for The KPI Institute’s clients from various industries and functional areas. Mihai is also currently managing the Center for Healthcare Performance at The KPI Institute.

As a facilitator, Mihai has developed and delivered training courses on Organizational Performance Management, the BSC, Key Performance Indicators, Strategic Planning, and Employee Performance Management.

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