Certified Benchmarking Professional Course in Dubai

The Certified Benchmarking Professional Course in Dubai is part of a series of certification courses dedicated to performance management.

Facilitated by Andrada Iulia Ghete, Head of Benchmarking at The KPI Institute, this course was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, between 24th, 25th and 26th of May 2015.


The agenda for the Certified Benchmarking Professional Course covered in the first day the following subjects:

  • Benchmarking overview;
  • How to develop a benchmarking plan.

The second day sessions covered the following discussion topics:

  • Data collection;
  • Data governance.

In the third day of the course the next themes were approached:

  • Data analysis;
  • Insight generation;
  • Best practices in benchmarking.

The “Certified Benchmarking Professional” training provides an interactive practice-based learning environment in which participants focus on:

  • Analyzing how to ensure a successful benchmarking study by following a well-defined process, selecting the benchmarking partners accordingly and implementing a logical framework for data analysis in order to identify performance gaps;
  • Examining practical insights for developing a benchmarking plan, along with aspects pertaining to the assessment of data collection and governance, data analysis process and benchmarking best practices;
  • Gaining both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in benchmarking research, which will enable them to start a benchmarking implementation project in their own organization.

The course was attended by practitioners from United Arab Emirates and Romania, having different backgrounds and areas of expertise in their working fields like construction, engineering, manufacturing and consulting.

Participants were invited to express some learning needs and they communicated the following expectations from the course:

  • What is the most important aspect in the benchmarking process
  • Underline the importance using residual data
  • Standardization of the  benchmarking process
  • Examples of companies with good results after benchmarking
  • The context of the benchmarking study – process, product
  • The most useful tools for benchmarking.

In addition to the training sessions, the learning experience is comprised of a pre-course stage, a core course stage and an after-course stage. Upon participating at the face to face training course and completing all the activities on our eLearning platform you will receive the following:

  • Certificate of Completion: after completing pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam;
  • Certificate of Attendance: after participating at the 3 days of on-site training course;
  • Certified Benchmarking Professional diploma: after you have successfully completed all of the 3 stages of the learning experience.

We strongly advise you to ensure that you will receive your Certified Benchmarking Professional title, as this certifies the skills and knowledge related to benchmarking field.

The learning expectations were met during the courses, as the feedback received form participants shows:

“All the subjects were explained by the trainer and each subject had a perfect example. I would recommend this course to everyone who is interested in benchmarking”

Mr. Alexandru Ganea, Marquardt Schaltsysteme S.C.S., Sibiu, Romania

Details about the certification programs can be found on store.kpiinstitute.org.

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