Certified Data Analysis Professional – 13 – 17 July

The Certified Data Analysis Professional is the first level of our Data Analysis Program. It is a hands-on training course, aimed at equipping you with the necessary concepts and tools needed to perform basic statistical and analytical reporting activities, in order to generate value out of the existing data.analysis professional

The course provides you with the knowledge required to understand distinct methods used in data analysis, statistical interpretation of quantitative & qualitative data, and becoming proficient in using key Microsoft Excel features.

It achieves this by teaching you how to build frequency and conditional tables, create different types of charts, find correlations and relationships between variables, test hypotheses, and engage in statistical modeling.

This 40-hour learning experience lasts for a total of 5 days, ending in a 1-hour examination session.

What will you learn

  • Develop a hands-on, practical overview of data analysis and connected topics;
  • Integrate statistical concepts and analysis tools that are widely used in corporate analytics environments;
  • Analyze examples of practical applications for statistical methods, used in solving real-life business issues;
  • Acquire mastery of Microsoft Excel Data Analysis features, by learning how to use statistical techniques through practical examples.

What’s in it for you – Benefits

  • Obtain the most relevant data, by setting up a customized data analysis process;
  • Understand the data analysis process, its methodology, and logical framework;
  • Obtain the necessary knowledge to analyze complex data and interpret results;
  • Improve the organization’s decision-making process, by gaining knowledge on data analysis and interpretation;
  • Receive the management team’s buy-in, by sharing with them the utility of implementing a customized data analysis methodology in daily business activities.

Presenter profile

Fadi Fuad Al-Jafari is a Management Consultant at The KPI Institute, specialized in Data Analysis and Visualization.

Fadi has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Engineering from Al-Balqa Applied University in Jordan, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the German Jordanian University in Jordan.

Fadi is a Certified Project Manager Professional, has several certifications in Statistics Foundation, Data Analysis using Excel, Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel, Working with Real-Time Data in Excel, Excel Macros in Depth, Predictive Analytics using BigML, Train the Trainers, and has been part of several Data Analysis-related projects in the last years.

He has worked on a wide array of projects, such as Network Statistics Reporting Tool, Network Operation Center Balanced Scorecard, Business Specification Documents for Network Operations Center, Zain’s Procedures Alignment with APQC’s PCF, Robotic Process Automation for Network Operation.

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