Certified EPM Live Online Course – 29 June – 3 July

Knowing how to objectively evaluate our employees’ performance is the key to obtaining their buy-in and ensuring we maintain a sustainable employee performance management system. Our Certified EPM course will clarify key, specific, detailed concepts and will provide practical tools and techniques for achieving just that.epm

During this 32-hour EPM learning experience, Teodora Gorski – management consultant at The KPI Institute, will offer our attendees exposure to best practices in the field of performance management and will teach them how to establish and use criteria for evaluating performance.

What will you learn

  • Understand the fundamentals of the performance management framework;
  • Learn how to track the employee performance during each phase of the performance management cycle;
  • Apply key tools to measure employees’ results in a fair and objective manner;
  • Learn how to conduct efficient performance appraisals;
  • Gain knowledge of developing a Performance Management System business case.

What’s in it for you – Benefits

  • Nurture core competencies in order to design, implement, monitor, evaluate and follow a performance management cycle in a successful manner;
  • Improve the visibility and clarify accountability related to performance expectations;
  • Implement the knowledge acquired during the training course, by accessing a set of performance management tools and relevant;
  • Identify the necessary corporate competencies and skills gaps to generate sustainable growth.

Presenter profile

Teodora Gorski is the Managing Director MENA at The KPI Institute, as well as a Project Management expert with experience in Research, Organizational Development, and Human Resources. As a Managing Director, Teodora leads organizational development initiatives, to support and enhance the organization’s strategic plan and manages the development and growth of the MENA branch of The KPI Institute.

Some of Teodora`s most significant projects include designing and implementing various corporate expansion projects, implementing performance management systems, and business development strategies for the Middle East. She also has experience in working with organizational design when it comes to managing structural change and ensuring organizational capability.

Teodora has also been involved in determining companies’ needs for human capital development and building a company’s stock of HR to support organizational strategies.

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