Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner

With over 15 years of experience and research and over 10,000 course participants worldwide, The KPI Institute boasts an undeniable history of expertise, profficiency and mastery over all elements pertaining to measuring and managing performance. It comes as no surprise that with such great reputation and knowledge, comes great responsibility to impart it with the rest of world. We can safely say that we’ve successfully accomplished this objective through our flagship courses, the Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner.

Our two C-KPI courses have been organized a total of 421 times over the past years, totalling almost 6,000 participants and continue to attract newcomers and returnees, whom have crossed our threshold before, but wish to perfect their trade.

The KPI Certified Professional and Practitioner recognitions are unique at global level, given the certification process thoroughness and the in-depth expertize dedicated to KPI measurement that participants acquire in this educational program.


Why even measure performance in the first place?

Back in 2013, a Mercer report on Performance Management noted that only 3% of companies acknowledged that their PM systems provide any discernible value to the company

Even more so, the same report highlighted that managerial skills, specifically how well managers set employee goals, KPIs, provide feedback, evaluate & link performance to critical talent management decisions (such as compensation, development and careers), represented the key driving points behind successful performance results.

Building upon these results, The KPI Institute ran its own study and found out that 51.62% of our surveyed professionals stated that their most challenging aspect in working with employess oftentimes represented selecting the right KPIs for them, followed by gathering data and documenting KPIs (14.67% / 13.96%).

So through these research endeavours, we now know that it is difficult for many managers to fully grasp the intricacies of working with KPIs. Here’s where our C-KPI courses come into play.


The world is your oyster

Companies looking to boost their performance would do well by optimizing their performance – either organizational, operational, departmental or individual, by generating added value from KPI measurement. You can gain a competitive edge, by differentiating yourself and gaining the respect of your peers, by demonstrating commitment to your profession through your interest in continuous learning and the latest trends in measuring performance.

Recognizing this, we’ve travelled the world with our Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner courses, seeking to provide support to those companies in need of improvement. In the last two years, TKI has assisted both public and private sector companies across several continents, from numerous countries & cultures:

Bahrain – 6 (courses)/63 (participants), Brunei – 8/166, Egypt – 16/266, Malaysia – 25/234, Mauritius – 3/50, Nigeria – 5/80, Oman – 22/400, Qatar – 16/160, Saudi Arabia – 107/1800, Sudan – 2/66, UAE – 118/1662.

Quote from Aurel

The KPI Professional and Practitioner training courses are designed to help you understand KPI measurement challenges and provide ways to address them. To ensure a smooth learning experience, TKI offers you toolkits, templates, case studies, good practice examples from some of the most successful organizations worldwide, as well as thought-provoking exercises.

The mantra behind this course is „Differentiate, Organize, Document, Optimize, Develop”.

If you wish to immerse yourself into the world of KPIs, learn the taxonomy & typology, find out how to structure a performance management framework and actually gain results from all of the efforts required to birth this project, look no further than our C-KPI courses.

Our training approach allows us to have significant, discernible impact on company practices, whilst preserving the main objectives of improving results and developing personnel. Because we intently focus on driving home the point that a company’s mission, vision and values are its quintessential components, we’ve structured both of our courses in 4 modules, so that all participants understand this from the get-go.


Certified KPI Professional

1.KPI Selection

  • Differentiate between objectives, KPIs and initiatives, for a more relevant KPI selection
  • Apply best practice techniques to KPI selection

2.KPI Documentation

  • Document KPIs in a standardized template
  • Establish targets for KPIs

3.Data Gathering

  • Optimize the KPI activation and data gathering process
  • Work with data custodians

4.Data Visualization

  • Design efficient scorecards and dashboards
  • Apply best practices in terms of visual design


Certified KPI Practitione

1.KPI Project Plan

  • Get-buy in for a KPI implementation project
  • Develop a comprehensive project plan for a KPI implementation

2.KPI Selection

  • Organize a KPI selection workshop
  • Create a value driver concept map

3.KPI Measurement

  • Organize the data gathering process
  • Create communication templates to gather data

4.KPIs in Context

  • Develop scorecards and dashboards
  • Develop a KPI report

Position yourself among the top professionals in performance measurement, by obtaining the premium recognitions for your competencies both as a professional and practitioner. Be the differentiating force in your company. Drive people’s ambition forward, strive for improvement at every step.

Today’s business world is a fierce stage, in which every actor is trying their best to one-up their competitors. Geographical barriers are no longer the final frontier – performance can thrive anywhere. As long as the fire to strengthen your management practices remains strong and your conviction in a structured approach unwavering, we are confident that your company can also become a success story worth mentioning. 

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