Course Stories: Certified OKR Professional – KL July

Another month has passed and another Certified OKR Professional training course in Kuala Lumpur was facilitated by our Senior Consultant, Alina Miertoiu. As per usual, we would like to share with you our experience and the unique story of this course. Every course is different, but what makes it special are the people who join it, their expectations, their involvement and their enthusiasm.

We particularly enjoyed organizing this course and welcoming our participants from different industries, such as consulting, higher education, IT or Utilities, during the 15th-18th of July. The learning experience was based mostly on discussions and debriefing different activities, since most of our participants were practitioners in the field of OKRs.

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Regarding expectations, participants shared that they were interested in the overall process of OKRs implementation and what makes OKRs different than other performance management systems.

One other main discussion topic when it comes to OKRs is compensation, more specifically how to reward employees when the theory says you should not link OKRs with rewards.

Course journal  

During all three days, the participants were full of energy and throughout the entire course the learning process was based mostly on discussions and practical exercises, since all attendees were really interested in the subject and very active.

Day I

During the first day, we began with the already familiar introduction and was a bit more theoretical, to ensure that everyone has the same understanding and that similar terminology is used. The difference between OKRs and other systems, especially KPIs based systems, were discussed to great lengths and a lot of practical knowledge was shared by all the attendees.

Day II

The second day was mostly focused on OKRs setting and aligning. Participants simulated a governmental entity, which implemented the OKRs system and each one received a certain role within the Government. The exercise started with long-term objectives setting for the organization and followed all the steps down to OKRs setting for all employees.


The most exciting part of the third day was a review process simulating the different moments within a quarter, with the facilitator being the employee whose OKRs were reviewed and the participants her managers. Once again, the facilitator tried to challenge the participants and played the role of a “bad cop”. At the end the course, there was a short review session and then the certification exam.

A special thanks from us at The KPI Institute to our amazing participants who were filled with enthusiasm and curiosity, as well as with the desire to learn from the group and share their experiences.

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