Course Stories: Certified OKR Professional, Dubai, July

We are delighted to announce that our first 3-day Certified OKR Professional training course took place in Dubai, during the 30th of June – 2nd of July, 2019. It was facilitated by our Senior Consultant on OKRs – Alina Miertoiu, and attended by participants mostly from the public sector. Managing directors, Doctors, Consultants or Strategic planners joined us in this learning experience.OKRSince most of our attendees had already worked with OKRs or tried to implement the system in their organization, their expectations were high and made the course much more challenging.

For starters, they were interested in gaining theoretical and practical knowledge that they could easily convey to their colleagues and apply in their organizations.

Secondly, they were interested in the particularities of OKRs, compared to other Performance Management Systems and how to set correct OKRs. Moreover, another major expectation was understanding how to review and readjust OKRs, as well as engaging employees in the process.

Course journal

Although in theory, the OKRs system is a simple one, as Andy Groove used to describe it: “The objective is the direction. The Key result has to be measurable, but at the end you can look and without any argument say: <Did I do that, or did I not do that?> Yes. No. Simple!

OKRs are all about good execution, rather than the system itself, so our three-day learning experience combines theory with practical case studies and exercises, in order to facilitate a better understanding.

Day I

Day one starts with an icebreaker, some general exercises, and few generic discussions on OKRs meant to encourage participants to engage during the course and actively participate. It is the most theoretical part of the course and a challenge in and of itself, since a lot of uncertainties about the topic are addressed and debated.

Given that there is yet a lot of confusion about the topic, this day can be regarded as the foundation of the course, during which we introduced the concepts of Objectives and Key results, and addressed particular aspects that participants found interesting or peculiar.

Day II

The second day was the most engaging , as participants had to set OKRs for different organizational levels based on three different cased studies. One case study portrayed a general organization, the second one depicted a very innovative organization, while the third referenced a governmental entity.

The scope of these exercises was to make participants understand how the setting and alignment processes change based on different contexts.


This day was also very dynamic, full of exercises and constructive discussions, revolving around topics such as OKR review and change management, in order to find out how to engage one’s employees in the process of working with OKRs. Moreover, the “cherry on top” of the course’s final day represented simulating a review process in practice.

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