Data visualization webinar recording is now available

The “Data visualization” webinar, the 5th from the new Performance Management webinars series provided by The KPI Institute, is now available for you to view at your leisure.

The webinar was presented by Manuel Hila, Business Research Analyst at The KPI Institute. During the 60 minute webinar, Mr. Hila highlighted the importance of data visualization, fundamental principles and how to increase communication skills through effective visualizations.


In the webinar, Mr. Hila explained:

  • How to align visuals to precognitive thinking;
  • How to select the right communication channel according to your audience;
  • How to use data visualization, in context, as a communication tool.

To access the webinar recording follow the steps:

  1. Log in or create an account on our online Store;
  2. Add the webinar to your cart and proceed to checkout;
  3. Log in with the same username and password on our E-learning platform;
  4. Select the webinar and watch the recording online.

The webinar recording can be viewed online in a streaming video format and is not available for download.

You can revisit the presentation for free until 23 October. After this date the webinar will be available for purchase. best electric dab rigs

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The KPI Institute October 9th, 2014 E-learning