Essentials, Enablers and Evaluation of Customer Service Performance – Free webinar

An average or good Customer Service is not enough! Companies should create a strategy, implement a Customer Service system within an excellence culture and invest in professionals, channels, technological enablers and evaluation tools. By doing so, they will ensure an outstanding experience for both the external and internal customers, which will further influence their loyalty, thus increasing the chances of them becoming advocates of the company and generating future revenue streams!


Main topics covered

  • Importance of customer service for different organizations;
  • The external and internal customers;
  • Essentials of a proficient customer service: strategy, system, skills and culture;
  • Enablers of a proficient customer service: channels, knowledge management, innovation and technology;
  • Evaluation tools in customer service: audit, scorecards, dashboards and feedback gathering and usage.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify your external and internal customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Understand the benefits of having a structured approach on customer service;
  • List the steps of implementing a customer service performance culture;
  • Explore the benefits and threats of using different evaluation tools.

About the speaker

Maria Desmons-Macrea is Customer Experience Practice Manager within The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators research and education.

Maria is responsible with developing and maintaining an internal Customer Service Performance culture within The KPI Institute, as well as with developing and delivering the Institute’s course on Customer Service Performance.

She has over four years of experience in Customer Service and Customer Service Management and seven years of experience in training development and delivery.


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The KPI Institute April 16th, 2015 E-learning