Fantastic Fifteen – A 15-year TKI Celebration

It has been 15 years since The KPI Institute first began its mission of providing integrated performance solutions, through research, educational programs and consultancy services. Over the course of a decade and a half, we’ve helped companies all around the world.

Having traveled the world from the west – USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, to the east – Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, and from north – Norway, Poland, Romania, Turkey, to south – Mozambique, South Africa, Bolivia, Australia, our experience has shown us that striving for better performance, sound strategies and improved management are all global necessities.

Moreover, as the years have passed, TKI has trained over 20,000 individuals on all matters related to performance management. As a result, we’ve put in the time and effort to build up products and services that can be easily customized for each client.

Regardless of cultural differences, organizational quirks, operational conundrums or legal frameworks, we adapt based on what our customers need. Through hard work and years of research, we’ve developed a catalogue of resources that will be useful to any organizational entity, private or public.

In order to celebrate with you our fantastic fifteen years of accomplishments, achievements and results, we’ll be offering a 15% discount to all of our online products and open courses, throughout the 1st of August, up until the 30th of September. The discount can be accessed by using code TKI15%DISCOUNT

Enjoy 2 whole months of 15% off the cost of our online courses, live training sessions, dictionaries, webinar recordings, Top KPI series, magazines, research reports and more!

15% discounted courses

15% discounted online courses

15% discounted publications and presentations

Because we know not everyone may have the time or finances to invest into training sessions, workshops, company-wide studies, surveys and toolkits, we’ve developed several secondary, supportive elements, in written or video format, which can provide an easily accessible pathway into the world of Performance Management.

Top KPIs Series

Designed to match the needs & necessities of companies across a multitude of industries and functional areas, the TKI Top KPIs Dictionaries compile the most highly rated KPIs for numerous areas of expertise, over the course of several years. Customer Service, Sales, Risk Management, Logistics, Healthcare, Construction, Accounting, Human Resources, Airlines, Insurance, Finance, Cost Analysis, eCommerce, IT, App development, Investment, Advertising, Utilities, Project Management, Business Consulting, Telecommunications and many, many more – if you need it, we most certainly have it!

The KPI Dictionaries

For those who want a more in-depth coverage of KPIs for their industry or functional area, we’ve published 35 comprehensive dictionaries, featuring hundreds of KPIs and their respective calculation formulas.


If you want to learn more about Performance Management, but don’t have the time to read, our TKI video recorded presentations might be just the thing you need. Whether you’re on the road, on a flight or simply want to listen to something in the background while working, browse through our vast library of webinars, covering topics from KPI selection, to PM System Implementation, Employee Engagement or Strategy Optimization, put your headset on and just go with the flow!

Research reports and Magazines

Our collection of research reports and magazines represent snapshots in time. From our Performance Management in 20XX Series & PERFORMANCE Magazine editions, to our State of Employee Performance Management or our Financial Key Performance Indicators reports, these publications are concerted efforts to map and identify trends, patterns, shifts and developments as Performance Management has grown over the years.

Thank you for being a part of the TKI Community!

While celebrating 15 years of tremendous success is astonishing, the real celebration is the fact that we’ve developed an international, truly global community of exceptional individuals. On behalf of everyone at The KPI Institute, we are humbled, grateful and happy to be part of something greater than our wildest dreams.

We would not have managed to be here without every single one of you comprising the TKI Community. With such an amazing & devoted group of individuals, supporting us from all around the world, we’re confident that we can deliver even greater results and bring a new meaning to the term performance.

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