Free Webinar “Building a culture of performance”

Growing a performance culture requires a systematic approach to managing the performance of organizations, teams and individuals.During our next webinar, you’ll have the opportunity to explore specific tools and practices which contribute to this goal, serving not only as working instruments, but also as channels of change for mindsets and personal behaviors. 

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Main topics covered

  • Collective understanding of culture (vision, strategy, expected attitudes);
  • Alignment on the strategic and operational dimensions;
  • Approach at the organizational, team and individual levels;
  • Correlation with the people processes in the organization;
  •  Performance management setup for sustaining a performance culture.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand what a performance culture is;
  • Learn how to align strategic and operational planning processes;
  • Have all the required information to identify and decide the optimal approach at the company, department and individual levels;
  • Learn about how people processes are interconnected and often need adjustment to support a performance culture;
  • Get tips and tricks to setup and sustain a performance culture.

Presenter’s profile

Aura Serea is the Chief Talent Officer of The KPI Institute, as well as an expert HR professional, consultant and practitioner with over 15 years of experience in Organizational Development and Talent Management. She has been involved in designing and delivering educational and training programs, aimed at but not only – competency development in her area of expertise.

As an educator, Aura has facilitated hundreds of training sessions and consulting programs on talent management subject matters, in multiple industry settings, ranging from the oil & gas industry, utilities and healthcare to FMCG, finance and the chemical industry

Free Registration

It’s easy to join in – access the registration page and don’t forget to tune in on July 12, at 10:00 AM GMT.  Can’t make it on time? Let us know and we are going to provide you with the full webinar recording, free of charge!

Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will be available on our eLearning platform.

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