Free webinar “Connecting performance, project and innovation management”

Finalizing projects in due time, and according to their given specifications, is challenging, especially when the organization already has several projects on the roll. Therefore, project management, as one of the 6 performance improvement pillars, is a prerequisite for an efficient performance management.

But where does innovation fit? It is the force leading towards superior levels of performance, as it provides new solutions to existing problems, and it comes up with ideas for new products or services.

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Main topics covered

  • Performance, project and innovation management terminology;
  • Performance management framework;
  • The importance of project management;
  • Benefits of an innovative organization;
  • Guidelines for an integrated approach to performance, project and innovation management.

Key Learning Points

  • Differentiate between performance, project and innovation management;
  • Identify the key pillars of a sound performance management framework;
  • Discover the tools needed for an effective project management;
  • Learn how to nurture innovation within the organization.

About the speaker

Andreea Vecerdea is the Head of Strategy and Performance at The KPI Institute. She is responsible with supervising and maintaining the company’s Performance Management System functional at organizational, departmental, and individual level.

As a consultant, Andreea holds valuable experience in performance management, as she was in charge of implementing and reviewing Performance Management architectures for numerous international clients.

As a trainer, Andreea has facilitated different training courses in the performance management field, and she has participated in both national and international conferences. She is also certified as a Master Trainer, by the Association for Talent Development (USA).

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The KPI Institute September 28th, 2015 E-learning