Free Webinar “KPIs for Driving Fitness Performance”

Recent studies presented by American Council on Exercise in 2015 reveal that physical activity has a significant impact on improved job performance. A nine-month study on 80 physically active executives outlined a 70% improvement of the ability to make complex decisions in comparison to their sedentary peers.

In reality, after we exercise, we don’t just get better physical tonus, but also improved focus, clarity of thought, self-confidence, motivation, and better work productivity. Assessing how fit a person is, is liable to interpretation, as it could be based on a subjective evaluation:

  • How fit do I appreciate a person to be, by observing her or him?
  • How fit does the person consider itself to be?

Or it can be an objective measurement, relying on tools like metrics that provide the answer to “How fit a person actually is”?

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We tend to associate our hard work and dedication to high performance but, in practice, metrics can depict a different reality. This webinar is meant to offer guidance to fitness passionate persons to gain better visibility upon their current performance in order to plan their training better and ensure workout progress. It addresses both active persons who have embedded weekly workouts to improve their lifestyle and fitness professionals.

Main topics covered

  • Overview on Personal Performance;
  • Perception and reality: How fit do you think you are? vs. How fit you really are?;
  • Fitness performance drivers;
  • KPI examples to measure your fitness performance;
  • Wearable devices as means to collect KPI data.

Key Learning Points

  • Link personal performance to professional performance;
  • Identify a set of actions for improving personal performance;
  • Discover how to improve your fitness levels;
  • Identify KPIs that measure your fitness performance;
  • Maximize the value of wearable devices for your training.

About the speaker

Cristina Tărâță is the Head of Research Department, at The KPI Institute.

Cristina’s research activity is reflected by the development of the database and by the documentation of over 1,000 KPIs from 16 functional areas and 25 industries. She also coordinated the launch of over 90 reports ”Top 25 KPIs in 2011-2012”; and the development of several book series: The KPI Compendium and The KPI Dictionary Series.

 As a consultant, Cristina was involved in multiple projects for implementing a performance management system based on Balanced Scorecard at strategic, operational and individual level. Among representative clients, there is the Abu Dhabi Retirement Pensions and Benefits Fund. Furthermore, she revised the performance management architecture of companies from different industries, including financial institutions, petrochemicals, public sector, health and professional services.

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The KPI Institute December 10th, 2015 E-learning