FREE Webinar | Managing with KPIs – tools, processes and techniques for KPI analysis

Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship in partnership with The KPI Institute and presents the free webinar:

Managing with KPIs – tools, processes and techniques for KPI data gathering and analysis

Date: Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

Time: 6:00 PM KSA (11:00am EST | +3:00 GMT)

Speaker: Adrian Brudan, Research Director, The KPI Institute

Summary outline of the webinar

Among the major challenges of managing the KPI Framework is the data visualization, gathering and analysis. One of the key factors for success in this direction is understanding how to correctly develop and deploy tools, processes and techniques for KPI data management.

The research work done in this field by The KPI Institute brings clarity to such topics and is the subject of the fourth in a series of webinars on good practice in managing with KPIs.

The webinar will address topics such as:

  • Activating KPIs – tools, processes and techniques;
  • Approaches to KPI data analysis;
  • KPI Scorecards and Dashboards as enablers of analysis and reporting.

Learning outcomes:

  • Get clarity with the KPI activation and data gathering process;
  • Develop the understanding of main tools, process and techniques used for KPI data management;
  • Review practical examples of KPI Scorecards and Dashboards;
  • Learn to manage correctly the KPI framework.

About the speaker

Adrian Brudan is the Research Director of The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators research and education. Under his supervision, the Institute’s research team documented over 7,000 KPI examples from 15 functional areas and 24 industries, reviewed 1,000+ performance reports from 125 countries and referenced 20,000+ resources, the result being

Adrian has also been involved in designing and delivering the Institute’s KPI educational programs, aimed at competency development in the area of performance management and measurement.

He is a certified trainer and holds a Certificate in KPI Management from The KPI Institute and George Washington University, USA. As an educator, Adrian has facilitated over 20 KPI and Balanced Scorecard training.As a consultant Adrian holds valuable experience both in performance management, and project management (PRINCE 2 Practitioner certified). His expertise and knowledge range from the implementation and review of performance management architecture, to KPI Scorecards and Dashboards design.

Managing with KPIs: tools, processes and techniques for KPI data gathering and analysis


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