Free Webinar “Performance Improvement across 12 scenarios” (delivered in Spanish)

Discover how to apply the 6 performance improvement pillars in a variety of scenarios!

The webinar focuses on 12 different scenarios where performance can be improved, starting from different levels across the company (organizational, divisional, departmental and employee level) and specific capabilities (project, process, quality and customer service), to different stakeholders (suppliers, joint ventures, executive board) and even to the personal context.

Making decisions based on data, taking the right initiatives and following up on the outcomes can prove to be very challenging. This webinar provides insights into how to improve performance in these different scenarios, stressing upon their particularities.

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Main topics covered

  • Performance improvement pillars;
  • Challenges in improving performance;
  • Presentation of the 12 scenarios;
  • Comparison between the 12 scenarios.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the 6 performance improvement pillars;
  • Identify the main challenges when improving performance in various scenarios;
  • Explore different scenarios where a performance improvement process can be implemented;
  • Identify the similarities and the differences in improving performance across the 12 proposed scenarios.

Speaker’s profile

Doina Malțev is a Partnership Manager at The KPI Institute. Doina Malțev has been involved in designing and implementing the Partnership Program and the Partnership Models for The KPI Institute, which include the description of the process and stages by which the training and consultancy companies are accredited to deliver educational programs and advisory services.

She developed the related program materials after conducting a preliminary research study and conducted the negotiation processes with organizations, concluding collaboration agreements and organizing and implementing the programs activities.

Free Registration

It’s easy to join in – access the registration page and don’t forget to tune in on October 4th, at 2:00 PM GMT.  Can’t make it on time? Let us know and we are going to provide you with the full webinar recording, free of charge!

Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will be available on our eLearning platform.

The KPI Institute September 21st, 2017 E-learning