“Generating value from KPIs’ results at the employee level” webinar recording is now available

Properly understanding and using the Performance Management Cycle can support your organization in positioning itself amongst the top performers on the market! Therefore, the impact of individual actions should be cross-checked with the organization’s strategy, enabling you to determine whether the objectives, KPIs and initiatives are really cascaded all the way to the individual level.

This webinar focused on this critical organizational question – “are our actions putting us on the right path towards the desired outcomes?”, as well as on offering practical solutions for these challenges.


In the webinar Mrs. Florea highlighted:

  • The link between employee performance and organizational success;
  • Performance Management Cycle;
  • Employee performance measurement;
  • The most efficient and effective initiatives/actions;
  • Employee performance enablers.

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The recording of this webinar can be watched online in a streaming video format and is not available for download.

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The KPI Institute June 10th, 2015 E-learning