Groundwork for success: new report shows how to overcome KPI selection challenges

Key performance indicator (KPI) selection is similar to laying the groundwork for a strong structure. KPIs are the building blocks of performance measurement, enabling informed decision-making for organizations.

In the same way that building foundations are tailored to the terrain, KPIs ensure companies stay on track toward their goals. It is possible to develop misguided strategies if KPIs are selected incorrectly. However, KPI selection is not easy. In fact, one of the top three issues in strategic planning is identifying the appropriate KPIs, as indicated by the State of Strategy Management Practice in 2022, an international research study by The KPI Institute (TKI).

According to Aurel Brudan, CEO of TKI, choosing the right KPIs is a multifaceted undertaking due to the interdependencies inherent in the process. He explains that the process requires, among other things, extensive research for internal and external documents, the participation of internal stakeholders, and the adaptability to shifting environments or business priorities.

On top of those challenges is the need to determine the quality and attributes of KPIs a company should select. Mihai Toma, TKI’s Managing Director of Consulting Services, recommends that organizations choose KPIs that are useful, reflecting quantitative expressions for achieving key goals. KPIs should also be specified properly, with no jargon or complex concepts. Furthermore, balance is critical, with two KPIs for each target preferably monitored to avoid potential imbalances and enable a full performance review.

Given these challenging requisites, how should organizations approach KPI selection? Similar to how engineers analyze the structural requirements and complexities of a building, organizations must meticulously evaluate their unique needs and objectives when selecting KPIs. The whitepaper titled “TOP 10 KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS 2023: Expert Tips for Choosing the Right Metrics” details the structured method designed by TKI for choosing KPIs and provides strategies for overcoming the most common obstacles in the process. Moreover, the report highlights the most popular KPIs in 2023 on, the largest repository of documented KPIs.

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