Istanbul, 13-15 May- Certified Customer Service Performance Professional

The KPI Institute- the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), research and education invites you to register for the Certified Customer Service Performance Professional training course, scheduled for the 13-15 May in Istanbul.

This course’s approach to customer service is unique, as it includes the performance management dimension. Participants will not only understand the importance and implementation phases for the customer service performance culture, but they will also be provided with the necessary tools and channels to implement it and measure its impact, both internally and externally.


Reasons to attend

  • Attain high quality standards and ensure the usage of relevant channels and instruments in your customer service;
  • Acquire a high level of versatility that enables you to react and deal with a vast range of scenarios when working with and for the customers;
  • Gain competitive advantage by capitalizing on good case practices and learning from worldwide customer service best practices;
  • Improve your ability to evaluate your external and internal customers’ satisfaction and take into account their feedback, in order to ensure continuous improvement;
  • Get professional recognition of your customer service knowledge and skills through a Certification granted by The KPI Institute.

Learning Experience

The learning experience helps you develop the tools and channels needed to sustain a customer service performance culture, and accordingly, implement a strategy and working system within your organization that will fulfill your internal and external customers’ needs and expectations. Attendants will also practice and improve the competencies required in different customer service settings: face-to-face, phone, writing service, up-selling, cross-selling opportunities, as well as complaints handling.


The certification process is finalized only when you complete all of the 3 stages of the learning experience. Nonetheless, you will receive a:

  • Certificate of Completion: after completing pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam;
  • Certificate of Attendance: after participating at the 3 days of on-site training course;
  • Certified Customer Service Performance Professional diploma: after you have successfully completed all of the 3 stages of the learning experience.

We strongly advise you to ensure that you will receive your Certified Customer Service Performance Professional title, as this certifies the skills and knowledge related to the customer service field.


Date 13-15 May 2015
Location Gezi Hotel Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey
Course duration 9:00-17:00 on Day 1,2 and 9:00-16:45 on Day 3
Inclusions Course materials, Performance Management Toolkit, two manuals and two publications, Associate Membership on available for 6 months, one research report from the Top 25 KPIs series and access to all webinars from the 2014 Performance Management webinar Series.
Class size Limited to a maximum of 16 participants
Registration Deadline 8th of May
Course attendance fee $2,500 – $3,300 (GST included, details in the course brochure)
Complete agenda Download PDF brochure

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