KPIs for measuring Performance in Call Centers – Free webinar

Monitoring performance through KPIs has a long tradition in call centers, transforming this industry in one of the most mature in terms of performance management. Because of the unique mix of people, processes and technology involved, imagining a call center without a well-defined performance management system is rather difficult.

This webinar was designed to address the most common performance-related challenges that Call Centers encounter, namely KPI selection. The general framework of a Performance Management architecture, as well as examples of commonly used Call Centers KPIs will also be offered during the webinar.


Main topics covered

  • Challenges in call centers’ performance management;
  • Overview of an integrated performance management architecture;
  • Techniques for selecting and balancing KPIs;
  • Examples of KPIs for call centers;
  • Good case practices in improving customer satisfaction.

Key Learning Points

  • Identify the most common challenges call centers face and develop suitable solutions;
  • Understand the importance and usage of different tools for managing performance;
  • Learn different techniques for selecting and balancing KPIs;
  • Compare your KPIs with popular call center performance indicators, used around the world;
  • Explore 3 valuable examples of good-case practices in customer service.

About the speaker

Maria Desmons-Macrea has 7 years of experience in training design and delivery, as well as a 4-year experience in Customer Service Management, being responsible of the Customer Service capability of The KPI Institute.

Passionate about performance management, she has done research and developed a structure that facilitates the successful implementation of a Customer Service Performance model in different organizations (call centers, hotels, hospitals, retail etc.). Maria also developed the Certified Customer Service Performance training course offered by The KPI Institute.

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Webinar Recording

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The KPI Institute May 21st, 2015 E-learning