New Service Lines launched by The KPI Institute

Performance is the core of what The KPI Institute is about. Beyond strategy, management systems and KPIs, there are certain enablers of performance such as staff skills, software solutions and operational capability, which oftentimes are overlooked.

Committed to supporting organisations on their end-to-end performance journey, our team has work intensively in bringing these enables to the front stage of organisational initiatives by launching 3 new service lines.

TKI Skills Academy

  • Offers blended training programs in over 20 business domains on 130 topics;
  • All courses have an examination and certification component for learning evaluation;
  • Content is customized according to the participant’s profile (industry, functional area and country).


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TKI Solutions

  • Operates as a Software Integration Center, specialized in Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Employee Performance Management (EPM) products;
  • Offers software selection and implementation services, as well as training and change management support;
  • Ensures cost effectiveness by combining on-site engagement and off-site configurations.


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Sales Performance Labs

  • Operates as a Sales Performance Improvement Center of Excellence, supporting organisations in revamping their sales systems to enable better and sustainable sales results;
  • Sales Accelerator is offered as a complete solution integrating 22 intervention modules;
  • Services include: sales audit, sales transformation, sales consulting, sales benchmarking and sales software integration.


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As the busy season of 2017 is about to start and budgeting for 2018 is in the final stages in many organisations, I invite you to explore how your initiatives may benefit from these three new service lines.

The comprehensive business acumen of a well-trained team, supported by smart software solutions and a sales system which delivers as per projections is a winning combination, which we are now available to support you deploy.

Contact us at [email protected] as the next step.

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