Top-KPI-Report-Cover-2011-2012-MarketingJune 3, 2013, Melbourne, Australia – The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education announces the launch of a new report in its 2011-2012 edition of its popular Top 25 series of reports. The series is based on research conducted through, which contains over 20,000 Key Performance Indicator examples, making it the world’s largest source of thoroughly documented KPIs.

Marketing represents the activity of informing, communicating and persuading potential customers that certain products and services may satisfy their needs and wants. Marketing KPIs refer to marketing campaign results, as well as the support of this area within the customer relationship management process and outcomes. In, Marketing is a sub-category of the Marketing & Communications functional area, which we define as the set of activities that create the basic interaction with potential clients, through different methods of informing, communicating, persuading and attracting the prospect customers.

The “Top 25 Marketing KPIs of 2011-2012report compiles the most popular 25 KPIs used by the Marketing function. The methodology used to conduct the research consisted of ranking the KPI examples published in the Marketing functional area of, based on their number of views in 2011. Out of more than 120 Marketing KPIs available on, the 25 most viewed by the members and visitors of were selected and analysed in detail in this report.

Marketing KPIs are reflective of marketing functions and are grouped into subcategories, such as Customer Satisfaction, Marketing Financials, Customer Behavior, Customer Dynamics, Brand Performance, Cost Management and eMarketing. From these subcategories, Customer Satisfaction was the most popular of Marketing, in 2011, illustrating a high interest in meeting the clients’ expectations as a way to build a sound brand and business.

The top 5 Marketing KPIs of 2011-2012 in this report are:

  1. % Brand awareness
  2. $ Customer acquisition cost
  3. % Net promoter score
  4. % Customer retention
  5. % Brand penetration

One of the most important benefits that this report brings is the international perspective on the most popular KPIs for Marketing Management. Marketing KPIs provide quantifiable measurements of factors determined to be important for the successful implementation of marketing strategies. The skill in applying KPIs is in the selection of the optimum number and appropriateness of KPIs.

According to Aurel Brudan, The KPI Institute’s CEO “The Top 25 Marketing KPIs of 2011-2012” report is a synthesis of what is all about: it provides an overview of how Marketing KPIs are used in practice today, by combining input from the online community with analysis and insights from our research team.”

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