New Top 25 KPIs Reports Series – 2016 Extended Edition

The KPI Institute announces the brand new extended edition of the Top 25 KPIs reports in 2016. Besides synthesizing the best of performance indicators database, the new extended edition offers the most important insights of how KPIs are practically applied and encompasses the input of the online community with the analysis and expertise of The KPI Institute’s research analysts.


The new edition of the Top 25 KPIs reports series brings important improvements to our previous edition, presenting a number of 121 Reports from 16 functional areas and 24 industries.

The 2016 Extended Edition of Top 25 KPIs reports will unveil a significant number of new KPIs that serve additional functions in areas like Accounting, Corporate services, Finance, HSSE, Human Resources, Management or Online Presence & e-Commerce.

This series will also uncover new KPIs that are relevant to a meaningful number of additional divisions in industries such as Arts & Culture, Construction & Capital Works, Customs, Education & Training, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Hospitality & Tourism, Media, Professional Services, Real Estate, Sports Management or Utilities.

Benefits of the Top 25 KPIs Reports

  • Extensive collections of the most popular KPIs, across various functional areas and industries;
  • Thorough analysis of each KPI according to documentation form and standards;
  • Valuable resources to informing and addressing performance management and measurement challenges.

New Features of the Top 25 KPI Reports – 2016 Extended Edition

The Top 25 KPIs Reports – 2016 Edition will furthermore introduce an Extended Version of The KPI Institute’s most popular 45 reports. The novelty in this Extended Version will be the KPI Documentation form template which will reveal an unprecedented two-page design.

  • The first page will contain updated fields of the KPI Documentation form as researched and analyzed by The KPI Institute.
  • The second page of the KPI Documentation form will include valuable guidance on KPI Reporting, based on actual exemplification of KPI results and pertinent illustrations of Scorecard and Dashboard designs for each of the KPIs included in the reports.

Not only that, but the newly developed KPI Documentation Form, invaluably shares “In practice” recommendations for best KPI use, analysis and interpretation, while ultimately distinguishing itself from all other performance measurement resources on the market.

Stay tunned for The KPI Institute’s 2016 Extended Edition of the Top 25 KPI Reports!

The KPI Institute May 26th, 2016 Research