Performance Improvement across 12 scenarios – Free webinar

The webinar focuses on 12 different scenarios where performance can be improved, at various levels across the company (organizational, divisional, departmental and employee level), within specific capabilities (project, process, quality and customer service) and in relation to different stakeholders (suppliers, joint ventures, executive board, as well as at the personal context).
Making decisions based on data, taking the right initiatives and following up on the outcomes can prove to be very challenging. This webinar provides insights on how to improve performance in these different scenarios, stressing upon their particularities.


Main topics covered

• Overall presentation of performance improvement pillars and the connection between them;
• Challenges in improving performance in different contexts and how to approach them;
• Presentation of 12 scenarios identified for implementing a performance improvement framework;
• Comparison between the 12 scenarios and their particularities.

Key Learning Points

• Understand the 6 performance improvement pillars;
• Identify the main challenges when improving performance in various scenarios;
• Explore different scenarios where the performance improvement process can be implemented;
• Identify the similarities and the differences in improving performance across the 12 proposed scenarios.

About the speaker

Andreea Vecerdea is the Head of Strategy and Performance at The KPI Institute. She is responsible with supervising and maintaining the company’s Performance Management System functional at organizational, departmental and individual level.

As a consultant, Andreea holds valuable experience in performance management, as she was in charge of implementing and reviewing Performance Management architectures for numerous international clients.

As a trainer, Andreea has facilitated different training courses in the performance management field, and she has participated in both national and international conferences. She is also certified as a Master Trainer, by the Association for Talent Development (USA).

Free Registration

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Webinar Recording

The webinar recording will be available on our eLearning platform.

The KPI Institute May 15th, 2015 E-learning