Supply Chain Performance Management Framework, Models, and KPIs in One Course

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Pandemic disruptions, shifting consumer demands, and sustainability efforts have seeped through the world of supply chain this year.

Shipment delays are prevalent as companies restock goods to meet surging customer needs. The shortage of sea containers further complicated the situation. In March, only 40% of container ships had arrived at ports on time. Fluctuations in the global supply chain are behind the mounting transportation and materials costs.

As they navigate the new normal, supply chain professionals should not neglect their buyer-supplier relationship as well as their suppliers’ performance. Supply chain professionals are responsible for all the facets of the business, including purchasing, quality management, procurement, traffic analysis, and supplier relationship management.

They are expected to come up with solutions as they respond to supply chain management trends. Some of the major trends are automation, agility, omnichannel usage, and compliance in sustainability initiatives.

To ensure a smooth, efficient procurement activity amidst such changes, organizations must pay attention to the supplier relationship dynamic.

The KPI Institute is holding the Certified Supplier Performance Professional Live Online training course for individuals who want to implement a framework for the KPI development and monitoring of their company’s supplier management process.

Participants will discover the most relevant KPIs to monitor for supply chain performance. They will also learn how to create a supplier selection process and use various supplier segmentation models.

From theoretical foundations to industry experience, the course is designed to help companies maximize their competitive advantage through the proper supplier selection and evaluation tools.

The training session will be delivered by Cristina Bleoca, a purchasing and supply chain management specialist with over 10 years of experience in the automotive and FMGC industries. Among the highlights of her career was her participation in international research partnerships as well as in national and international training courses.

The final Certified Supplier Performance Professional Live Online training course for the year is happening on 18 – 22 October. Don’t miss the chance and secure your spot here.

For inquiries, get in touch with Teodora Gorski, Managing Director MENA: email [email protected] or call +61 3 9028 2223.

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