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Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional: optimizing business performance for 2024

February 21st, 2024 Posted by Certification, Courses 0 thoughts on “Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional: optimizing business performance for 2024”

In the ever-evolving business landscape, aligning a strategy with all organizational objectives can be challenging. Thus, strategic planning is vital for businesses to thrive amidst a turbulent environment. 

This begs the question, what steps can leaders take to ensure that their team will embrace the strategic planning process? This is where strategy and business planning capabilities come in handy.

Course overview

The KPI Institute’s Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional course empowers practitioners with the knowledge to develop excellent strategies and plan their businesses using a robust framework.

This comprehensive training program delivers impactful outcomes for employees and organizations, regardless of the business’s scale. 

Participants will get access to a network of specialists, sharing business opportunities and innovative solutions to strategic planning challenges while reaching the course’s learning objectives, which are:

  • Organize an effective process to formulate and plan the organizational strategy
  • Formulate meaningful mission statement, vision and corporate values
  • Identify the right strategy choice (position) for the organization
  • Integrate operational plans with corporate strategy
  • Connect strategy to KPIs and initiatives

Benefits and importance

In this learning program, you’ll gain premium recognition as a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional and other benefits, including:

  • Access to structured knowledge, enabling the expertise transfer across all professional life areas
  • Additional educational resources such as examples of tools centralized in several catalogues, Microsoft Excel based tools, and 10 short video doodles.
  • Premium subscription for with six-month access to 500 fully documented KPIs and over 20,000 enlisted KPIs and one research report from the Top 25 KPIs series
  • 40 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits to include in the CPD records for your professional body, institute, regulator, or employer

Course structure and methodology

The course encompasses a three-stage educational process with an expected total duration of 40 hours:

  1. Pre-course stage: Participants will determine their current skills, actively engage with colleagues via an interactive online forum, and establish the foundation for a beneficial learning experience.
  2. Core-course stage: Participants can opt for live online sessions or face-to-face training, where they will complete Individual Learning Maps and take the certification exam. Both options facilitate experiential learning and encourage human interaction. 
  3. After-course stage: Participants will delve into stimulating discussions and additional readings. They will be able to create a tailored, actionable plan aligned with their business needs.

Course syllabus

The core course comprises eight learning modules:

  1. Key concepts
  2. Corporate identity
  3. Choice of a competitive strategy
  4. Strategic internal environmental scanning
  5. Strategic external environmental scanning
  6. Vision and choice of a growth strategy
  7. SMART objectives at the corporate level
  8. Planning at the departmental level

Flexible learning options

The course is offered in multiple languages and locations to accommodate a wide range of schedules and preferences.

Certification and recognition 

Upon completion, participants will receive the following certificates (soft copy):

  • Certificate of Attendance: for course sessions presence
  • Certificate of Completion: after finalizing pre-course activities and passing the Certification Exam
  • Certified Professional Diploma: upon properly concluding all three stages of the learning experience (to be issued once the contractor has received the full payment)
  • CPD Certificate of Attendance: provided once you achieve Professional Status

Maximize your organization’s potential through effective planning. Enroll today and become a Certified Strategy and Business Planning Professional!

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