The KPI Institute releases “Performance Management in 2016: Global Edition” Report

The KPI Institute, the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education, announces the launch of ”Performance Management in 2016: Global Edition”, the 4th edition, in a series of annual publications that provide an overview on the state of the discipline.

PM in 2016

Performance Management in 2016 is part of a series of annual publications in which The KPI Institute provides an overview on the state of the discipline. The report is the result of a qualitative study, in which both primary and secondary resources were used. It covers a broad range of topics, from expert perspectives to education, from keyword trends to governmental efforts in implementing Performance Management tools and systems.

The report Performance Management in 2016 continues the standards established by the previous three editions, which consist in gathering and compiling opinions from practitioners, academics and consultants alike, in order to gain a balanced perspective on the state of the discipline. This edition features interviews with specialists from the 2 areas of expertise from 5 countries, who offered rich insights on the development of performance management in 2016.

The report covers a wide array of topics, which are meant to offer an overview on the discipline. These are as follows:

  • Perspectives: 7 semi-structured interviews with practitioners, academics and consultants from all continents;
  • Around the World: 230+ countries reviewed on their performance-related legislation;
  • Trends in search: Google Trends, and a new one – Mangools, to obtain graphic data regarding keyword search operations performed last year, worldwide;
  • Books: This section of the report is dedicated to books which have either Performance Management, or a closely-related subject, as the main theme. The chapter is split into two distinct sections: one centers on best-selling books, while the other focuses on the latest published books in the field;
  • Careers: The section provides an overview of the job and salaries trends, as they evolved in 2016, on a global level;
  • Communities: Which of the many LinkedIn communities can one visit, in order to benefit from valuable Performance Management insights? This section of the report was created with the intention of answering this specific question;
  • Software: This section presents the results of the Gartner study, which aims to rank software solutions providers according to a set of unique variables.

In order to provide a complete and comprehensive image the opinions from both private and public sector were taken into account from multiple countries in the world – from Belgium & England, to Italy, Norway and Saudi Arabia.

The content was compiled in such manner as to provide opinions and extensive analyses through interviews, as well as specific information through topics such as events, media exposure, resources and software.

The report is available in two formats:


Andrei Costea, Head of Publishing

E-mail: [email protected]

The KPI Institute August 30th, 2017 Research