Thriving testimonials from our clients

Over the last ten years, The KPI Institute delivered training courses in 20 countries on 5 continents and trained over 1,500 participants from 41 countries on how to work rigorously with KPIs. Our customers entrusted us to deliver the best service and quality solutions every time.

We are pleased to share with you the positive and constructive feedback we have received from previous training courses.


Below, we have a testimonial, from Steve Yeung, a participant at the KPI Professional Certification course held in Singapore, on 15-17 April 2014, who shared some thoughts about his experience with our training course:

“Recently, I got my certification with The KPI Institute. My general feedback is that the course and certification is well worth the investment. Even if you have to take this money out of your pocket, I would still suggest it to anyone that is already or going to be in the BI or Strategy field.

So what does the topics cover? The certification course I took is called “KPI Professional”. It’s a three days course and trains you how to establish and work with KPIs. Well, if you’re already in this field, you would still want to take the course. Why? It’s simply because it gives the theory behind with historical and logical evidence on how it works. I’m pretty sure in the end, you’ll understand everything from the roots. Moreover, the course has enormous resources on KPIs and theories. Actually, without any experience, I think you might not gain as much but I still highly recommend it. (…)

Well, like I said, the good part of the course is that it starts at a beginners course and moves towards an extremely professional approach. On the final day, it all comes together like puzzles. You will understand all the basics, workflow, definitions, best practices as well as getting proof of concept templates. On top of these, you will also have hands-on experience on developing KPIs and large amount of resources including but not limited to proof of concepts and templates. To be honest, I haven’t gone through all the resources yet since it’ll take me days if not weeks.”

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Here are more testimonials from our customers:

“I would rate the training 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others. The facilitator managed to get excellent group interaction right from the beginning, the KPI course was interesting, informative and very well presented.” Mohamed Salah El-Dein, Learning & Development Manager, Salehiya Medical, Saudi Arabia

“It is the willingness of experts like yourself with the capability in the area of KPIs and your response to the interest and needs of the participants that makes this program effective and worthwhile for our organization. The way you run the last day and your ideas certainly sparked a lively dialogue among all of those in attendance and letting them know what and how to do next. The feedback from the participants was gratifying and positive, and we are glad that we took the time and effort to develop such a program to meet the need of our staff for extending their knowledge in the area of KPI and all related.” Hanan Ahmed Abdelmajeed, Supreme Council of Health, Qatar

“I found the course very beneficial and informative in terms of standardizing terminologies, definitions, documentations and other aspects of performance measurement. Since we have limited performance measures in our organization, the course was a very good start to initiate a program for building a comprehensive performance measurement system in our bank. It’s highly recommended for startup initiatives and for those who want to brush up their systems.” Faiqa Janahi, Manager Human Resources Planning, Bahrain Islamic Bank, Bahrain

“I found the course rather good for introduction to the KPI world. I definitely benefited from it and already started to apply some of the key points in my daily work. I am glad that I participated in the training and met The KPI Institute team.” Isil Aras, Network Operational Performance Senior Expert, EUROCONTROL, Belgium

“We see the ability to understand and monitor the vital numbers behind the strategies and capabilities of our investments as vital to our competitive edge. I am confident that the course will help us to both sharpen our internal tools and to provide further value in our strategic sparring with company management.” Angus Steel, Portfolio Manager Equities, Delta Lloyd Asset Management, Netherlands



We are always happy to hear our customers’ opinions and we are honored to have met the professional needs and standards of our clients.

If you would like to share your own experience with The KPI Institute please email us at [email protected] and send us your feedback. 

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