50+ KPI Templates, Scorecards, and Dashboards for Measuring Business Success

KPI templates are developed to help organizations find the right key performance indicators (KPI) for their business.

With over 17 years of research on KPI best practices, The KPI Institute emphasizes that KPIs and their value are defined and perceived depending on the industry, functional area, organizational focus, and public, private, or personal domain of application.

What is a KPI?

The KPI Institute defines KPI as a measurable expression for achieving the desired results in an area relevant to the evaluated entity’s activity. KPIs make objectives quantifiable, providing visibility into the performance of individuals, teams, departments, and organizations and enabling decision-makers to act on achieving the desired outcomes.

Typically, KPIs are monitored and communicated through dashboards, scorecards, and other forms of performance reports.

In performance management, a dashboard is used for monitoring data daily. It is characterized by visual representations of data that enable a fast and easy understanding of the performance status.

Measuring performance with dashboards and configuring it requires using enough KPIs, aligning KPIs across the organization, and establishing accountability. To design an effective dashboard, an organization should choose the most relevant KPIs, ensure the presence of precognitive attributes in the visuals, make the features interactive, and regularly provide updates.

A balanced scorecard is a tool in strategic planning and performance management that shows the four dimensions of an organization: financial, customer, internal processes, and learning, and growth. Some of the benefits of using a balanced scorecard are integrated strategic planning, the alignment of KPIs with strategy at all levels of an organization, and a comprehensive view of business performance.

The KPI Institute has put together KPI templates and a platform where you can download scorecards, dashboards, and other performance templates.

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