Adapting to Uncertain Times: The Latest Issue of Performance Magazine Is Out


Dear partners and beloved community,

On behalf of The KPI Institute, I would like to wish you all a wonderful spring and success in all your projects!

The first part of the year, as well as the beginning of a new season, brings a plus of energy in our lives, and hopefully, we can use this positive vibe to improve the organizations we are part of and to contribute to making the world a better place.

As we look forward to the challenges and opportunities 2022 has for us, I invite you to reflect on the latest practice in strategy and performance management by exploring the first printed edition of PERFORMANCE Magazine this year.  

You will find valuable insights related to adapting strategy to highly volatile business environments and structuring better performance management-related processes and tools. You will discover how employee performance is managed by modern organizations, trends in business analytics, and success stories from the public sector around the world.

For the Cover Story, I presented the highlights of The KPI Institute’s 2021 global practices report related to strategic planning, performance measurement, and strategy execution. The full version of the report will be released in April. Follow The KPI Institute’s LinkedIn page and stay tuned for the announcement!

Equipping you with the latest research and industry know-how to achieve performance excellence has always been the core of The KPI Institute’s existence. The latest issue of PERFORMANCE Magazine is just one of the many exciting things we have planned for you this year.

Enjoy reading and thank you for making us a part of your learning journey!


Cristina Mihăiloaie

Business Unit Manager – Research Division

The KPI Institute

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