Course News – a TKI & NOTERKO Partnership in Dakar, Senegal

Between the 26th – 28th of November, 2019, The KPI Institute, in partnership with NoterKo, has successfully organized the first ever edition of our worldwide renowned course – The Certified KPI Professional, delivered in French, in Dakar – Senegal, customized for the country’s national sanitation utility, ONAS.noterko

NoterKo is a Dakar-based, Management Consulting firm, that focuses on revolutionizing the customer care sector in Senegal. The objective of NoterKo is to allow Senegalese clients to objectively evaluate the services provided by local private and public institutions, alongside positively impacting the quality of life of the local community.

In regard to the course itself, The Certified KPI Professional – C-KPI for short, opened a comprehensive world of new insights into how businesses can & should strive for a continuous optimization of their performance operations and performance management processes.

During the 3-day learning experience, top ranking executives of the organization had the opportunity of being guided by one of our foremost consultants, Andrea Minelli.

The attendees, via a combination of theoretical notions and hands-on-practice exercises and case studies, had the possibility of better understanding and practicing the following concepts:

  • How to strategically select relevant KPIs and why;
  • How to align strategic objectives and KPIs among different organizational layers;
  • How to benefit from a sound Performance Management Architecture and Framework;

The course had 10 participants, mostly Senior Managers, such as HR Vice President, Senior Purchasing Managers, Maintenance Managers, Internal Audit Managers, IT Managers, Quality Assurance Managers and several other key governance figures.

Course Journal

This in-house course was organized with the purpose of disseminating best practices via both theoretical and practical knowledge, associated with performance measurement and management practices.

Day I

During the first day of the course, participants were exposed to several concepts associated with KPIs, the Performance Management Architecture and most importantly, how to build a proper framework that will set up a sound foundation for the system per se.

We made several constructive comparisons between the client’s current Performance Management System and globally known best practices.

Day II

During the second day, we chose a more hands-on practice approach, whereby participants worked in different groups and focused their efforts on understanding and applying the best techniques associated with KPI selection, and how to strategically align KPIs & corporate objectives, among all the organizational layers.


As the final day approached, the participants discussed about the importance of not only selecting KPIs, but of also implementing best practices in setting up realistic, yet challenging targets for each KPI. A customized simulation was created in order for the participants to apply those practices in their own organizational contexts.

The final session ended with a thorough discussion about the alignment of individual KPIs with the corporate objectives, and being able to measure the contribution that each division head will have to achieve in order to match the aforementioned objectives.

Overall, the course achieved its goal of showcasing to all of its attendees, who serve as senior managers in their respective organizations, how to implement best practices within their own Performance Management System Frameworks.noterko

Want to know more about Performance Measurement and Management?

As performance is a continuous concern for organizations, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than pleased to assist you throughout your performance measurement and management journey!

If you are interested in improving the maturity of your performance measurement and management practices currently implemented in your organization, be sure to visit our training calendar and assess what best suits your learning requirements.

Among the main key Business Benefits for attendees interested in the C-KPI course are:

  • Improve the performance of your company by practicing a sound framework for KPI measurement;
  • Obtain better business results by selecting the right KPIs to monitor for your company;
  • Generate value from using KPIs by optimizing the data collection process.
  • Implement best practices that lead to an organizational culture that is performance-oriented

Otherwise, if a customized training course best suits your needs and you would like to know more details about it, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at:

Cosmin Chindris
Director Global Partnerships
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Wishing you best of performance!

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