Course Stories: Ending the year with our C-PM Course, in Cambodia

Our last project back in 2019 was absolutely astonishing – it united no less than the forces of 3 facilitators and 110 participants, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The KPI Institute proudly supports Cambodia’s Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) in streamlining its organizational processes, pertaining to performance measurement and management, by nurturing a performance-oriented mindset.cambodia

This was our third project with MEF; our Cambodia learning journey started with a Performance Management training course and it continued with an emphasis on individuals, through our Employee Performance Management training session.

Monitoring and evaluating performance results in the public sector is always particularly challenging, due to its stakeholders’ complex configuration. We trained MEF staff members in the use of Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management best practices for 2 days.

Course Journal

Day I

On the first day, we mostly dedicated our time to creating a common learning foundation, by understanding the Performance Measurement Framework components and tools, differentiating between performance measurement and management concepts, and applying KPI selection principles.

Ultimately, we addressed the Performance Management System Activation process, as it is not enough to have a super-design unless it is activated.

Day II

On the second day, more practical knowledge was acquired, as we started working with data analysis techniques, in order to enable a decision-making process based on performance data.

Therefore, all the participants were engaged in different exercises for KPI analysis and renewal, as well as modelling and developing a portfolio of initiatives.

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